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Tue, Apr 25th 2023 03:45   Edited on Sun, Jun 11th 2023 08:36

Final Fantasy D20

It's based off of Pathfinder 1e and has mostly similar sheets. Feat, Class and Spell Blocks are the same as PF1e, Animal Companion/Familiar have added Initiative/Space/Reach Boxes. What's different is mostly the Character Sheet with a few new skills, a box for Limit Breaks, a box for conditional modifiers, multiple magic item slots, and a sheet for Materia.
Tue, Apr 25th 2023 09:08

I am going to have a look at that. If I can just copy the 1e sheet and adjust it, then this sheet will be available in no time. :)
Wed, Apr 26th 2023 04:14

Thank you! :)
Sun, Jun 11th 2023 08:36   Edited on Mon, Jun 12th 2023 07:54

Sorry for the wait, I have started the sheet now. Have a look here. I have added all the things you listed.   The sheet is not published for use yet, I need to wait for a developer to create a new system "FinalFantasy D20" yet and then will the sheet move in there.   If this works for you, I will get it published and also add the other stat blocks.
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