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Celestial Eladrin

The celestial eladrin, also known as star elves, are the first fey race which rose out of the intense natural energies of their home, Nemorea, The Old Lands. Star elves are beings of beauty and grace, and it is from them that their descendants inherit those traits.

Psychology and Personality

The celestial eladrin are beings that prize freedom and possess an innate goodness. They lived lives which focused on celebration of the joy found in the world, which moved them to create great works of art. Their chaotic natures meant that they were often unpredictable or even alien, but could be relied upon to avoid performing any actual deeds of evil. The star elves' innate goodness brings about in them a fierce hatred of fiends that rivals that of the Aasimon, but their chaotic nature often meant that they had a far shorter temper when it came to oppression or evil in general.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Celestial eladrin resemble elves in every way, but can be from six to nine feet tall. Their skin can be one of any shade of purple or blue, and it seems to sparkle and glint both in darkness and light like the stars. Their hair may appear any shade of grey-scale and their eyes can be almost any colour resembling swirling fields of stars set against an almost fluid backdrop.   Like all Celestial Fey, the Star Elves are immune to lightning and resistant to acid, cold, and fire and have the ability to transform into an alternate form. In the case of the Celestial Eladrin, that alternate form is a ball of light the same colour as their eyes.

Growth Rate & Stages

Star elves are immortal and cannot die unless killed. Like their elven descendants, they reach maturity around a century old. Beyond coming of age, almost no star elf tracks their age - asking one how old it was would get either a shrug or a lengthy recapitulation of its life in an effort to determine its own age.

Additional Information

Social Structure

As a race, the celestial eladrin are typically wandering folk. They believe that every individual should weave their own strand of fate, taking joy on those occasions that it crossed or became entangled with that of another - they are quick to make friends and even lovers among themselves but equally would allow a relationship to end when it was better for those involved, viewing attachments as extremely fluid. While they do have families and often keep strong ties with them, family was not viewed as a key part of a celestial eladrin's life.   The star elves do not serve the gods, nor truly worship them - being creatures that are of proximate age to them, they instead worshipped the Fundamental Beings as did the gods themselves. Even so, they had a good relationship with the gods and respected them a great deal.   In spite of their roving nature, the star elves have a capital, ruled by a Queen who holds a court there. If called upon, and if it suited them, the celestial eladrin could respond to a call to arms from their queen. They would respond not because the Queen had called them, but because they agreed with the purpose for which she had.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

In addition to the usual five senses, the celestial eladrin can see in the dark.

Celestial, Fey

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