Abraham, the Mage, created the this council in order to attempt to unify his descendants.


Abraham's Covenant

Creating a ritual (circumcision) in order to awaken their auras. He struck a binding contract with a group of angelic beings to protect his descendants in exchange they would have plenty of aura to feed from his descendants.

Mosaic Covenant

Jehovah later figured out how they could extract even more aura and become even more powerful. They wanted more power because they grew in number in their ranks. They found a man to convey these new rules to Abraham's descendants, now called Hebrews. This man's name was Moses. By this time the Hebrews thought Jehovah was a single deity, because Jehovah never directly interacted with the Hebrews. They eventually gave these rules to Moses after freeing them from the Egyptians

David's Covenant

Jehovah needed a single family line to watch to be their direct rule over the Hebrews, since Saul rejected their rule. They picked David.


By this time other dJinn, that weren't part of Jehovah started to also feed on Jehovah's "sheep" for their aura. Solomon was given a ring made by Jehovah to battle these dJinn. Solomon was very wise and preferred discussion to resolve problems, so that is how the ring was infused.

Religious, Holy Order
Manufactured Items


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