Her Royal Majesty's Frontier Burgomaster

Among the many ranks and titles awarded to loyal and laborious citizens of the Rhylian Empire, the Frontier Burgomaster is probably the less desired one. Being invested with the pompously named rank essentially boils down to being the mayor of a small frontier settlement, far away from any major city, and most importantly, any comfort.   The title is generally assigned to members of the nobility or the upper class that inconvenienced in any way Her Majesty's court peace, but cannot be punished by normal means lest the reputation of their family become tainted.  

Qualifications and Requirements

No real qualification is needed to receive the title, other than having inconvenienced the court in some way. The noble is simply summoned at court where they are given the honour of a personal meeting with the Empress herself and told that their leadership skills are required at one of the Empire's frontier settlements.   This means that more often than not, these settlements suffer from bad management that greatly impedes their growth.  

Duties and Responsibilities

A Frontier Burgomaster duties include governing the day to day life and needs of the settlement they are in charge of, like dealing with merchants to buy any provision not locally produced, dispensing justice, organizing the militia, and many other activities.   In practice, Burgomasters tend to delegate most issues to subordinates, usually loyal members of their courts that followed them, and focus only on living the best life they can by cleverly diverting the Empire's meagre resettlement fundings to their advantage.   They do, however, retain their right to overrule any decision made by their subordinates if the situation required it.  


A Burgomaster is granted a habitation worthy of their noble status, and a modest monthly salary. If an appropriate building is not already present in the settlement, the Burgomaster has the right to conscript the local craftsmen to build one.   The nobles chosen for this role are generally already wealthy and waste no opportunity to show their status. Fancy clothes, expensive mounts, and a general countenance of disdain towards the less fortunate are very common, accentuated by the fact that frontier settlements are for the most part rough places with rougher inhabitants.  


Given that the title is mostly given as a punishment, no one has seen a Burgomaster being dismissed in centuries. However, there have been extreme cases where the Empress has been forced to relieve particularly incompetent Burgomasters to avoid a popular revolt or the complete loss of the settlement.   Serious misconduct, blatant fraud towards the crown, or putting at risk the survival of the whole settlement's population are the main causes for the dismissal of a Burgomaster. If any of these situations occur, the noble is recalled to Rhyl where they are sentenced to life imprisonment or, in the worst cases, even death.   Family honour, in these cases, is just ignored.
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I swear that if that swine of Mundi keeps requesting more marble for his damned statue, I'm going to burn down his effing manor.
— Hobert the Logger, a few days before being forced into a militia patrol then decimated by wild goblins.

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