Soul Society Calendar

Time passes differently in Soul Society than it does in the World of the Living. The weeks have more days, the months longer, the distance between the new moons stretching greater. This has always been the case, but the Souls of Soul Society have historically adopted calendars that followed the flow of time in the World of the Living, but with modifications to better mark the passage of time.  

History of the Calendar

It was only recently in the history of both the Soul Society and the World of the Living that the current calendar became the one used. Before this time, the World of the Living measured their time by the moon, and Soul Society did the same. The issue arose when the moon phases of Soul Society did not align with those beyond the Seireitei.   The adoption of the new standardized calendar was the product of the 12th Division and their wish to syncronize Soul Society and the World of the Living to better track missions, communications, and experiments. Since then, the Soul Society calendar mimics that of the World of the Living, with the modification of ten day weeks and much longer months.


The months of the Soul Society calendar do not differ from those of the World of the Living. The only difference between the months is the number of days in each month.  
Months & Their Traditional Names
Ichigatsu: Mutsuki, Month of Love
Nigatsu: Kisaragi, Changing Clothes
Sangatsu: Yayoi, New Life
Shigatsu: Uzuki, "u-no-hana"(flower) month
Gogatsu: Satsuki, Early-rice-planting Month
Rokugatsu: Minazuki, Month of Water
Shichigatsu: Fumizuki, Month of Erudition
Hachigatsu: Hazuki, Month of Leaves
Kugatsu: Nagatsuki, The Long Month
Jyuugatsu: Kannazuki, Month of the Gods
Jyuuichigatsu: Shimotsuki, Month of Frost
Jyuunigatsu: Shiwasu, "Priests Running"


Days of the week are where the largest divergence between the two calendars happens. Soul Society uses a system that has ten days in a week, differing from the seven day week of the World of the Living. Because of the extra days, the 12th Division ran a contest to name the remaining three days.  
Nichiyōbi: Sun Day
Getsuyōbi: Moon Day
Kayōbi: Fire Day
Suiyōbi: Water Day
Mokuyōbi: Wood Day
Kin'yōbi: Gold Day
Doyōbi: Earth Day
Sorayōbi: Sky Day
Hikariyōbi: Light Day
Tamashīyōbi: Soul Day


Seasons in Soul Society mirror those in the World of the Living, but the seasons may be longer or shorter in comparison due to the differing month lengths. The weather in Soul Society throughout these seasons sometimes mirrors its living counterpart, but that is not always the case.  
Haru: 21 Sangatsu - 20 Rokugatsu
Natsu: 21 Rokugatsu - 8 Jyuugatsu
Aki: 9 Jyuugatsu - 7 Jyuunigatsu
Fuyu: 8 Jyuunigatsu - 20 Sangatsu

Celestial Events

The phases of the moon are the greatest mark of the passage of time in both worlds. The lunar cycles do not match up completely, but the instances of the new and full moon are often extremely close in both worlds, often only deviating a few days.

Time in the World of the Living

The calendar used in the World of the Living is the calendar of Human Souls. The majority of those that are alive, including outside of Japan, utilize this calendar in their daily lives. But times passes more slowly in the World of the Living, a week of seven days passes in the time of ten days in the Soul Society. Months and weeks are shorter, but time still seems to pass.  
Days in a Month
Month World of the Living Soul Society
1 31 45
2 28 40
3 31 44
4 30 42
5 31 45
6 30 42
7 31 45
8 31 45
9 30 42
10 31 44
11 30 42
12 31 42
World of the Living Calendar
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The calendar used in the World of the Living.


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