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Around the outer realms of The Void lie strange Voidlings, twisted and driven mad by the harsh magical turbulence of the ever-growing Void. The sane ones may still explore the newly created edges, but not many. A lost traveller yanked into the area must have both a quick wit and luck to survive. Head for the center. The darker middle provides solace.
— Exerpt from ‘A Guide To The Void’, written by a Voidling.
  In a direct contrast to Voidlings, and an incredible similarity to their original larvae state, Wanderers are a twisted form of their previous form and the magic that runs rampant through the frays of the Void. Wanderers are notorious for the disappearances of warpers, those who teleport from place to place, and it is clear why. They hunt whatever moves with no discrimination. Beware travelling into the Void, or anywhere, unprepared.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Wanderers resemble Voidlings in the final stage of chronic Corruption. Each has gone through beastly mutations, growing larger and deadlier than any known Voidling ever has.   Common mutations consist of a larger form, longer limbs, sharp claws, cracking of the mask, and sporadic mask generation. Their main mask may be cracked, but do not underesitmate them. Beneath the surface of their skin lies armor, giving even more reason not to face one unprepared.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Wanderers will wolf down whatever they can fit their mouths around, always choosing an immobile snack over one that runs away. They use their bulk to their advantage, pure strength being used to absolutely overpower their prey.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Occasionally, a Wanderer will show signs of its past self. They’ll stop, look around in sudden terror, and whine a bit. This is the only time that any sort of bargain for one’s life can be made, but go quick. This never lasts.   At all other times, a Wanderer is a mindless killer and will not hesitate to hunt down whatever it sees. They will stop when the surroundings become reminiscent of the center, darker colors and a steadier temperature most notably, and the Wanderer will turn tail and plod on back to the outer rim. We don’t know why this happens, but travellers must use it to their advantage. This is a chance of surviving, do not squander it.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Wanderers have lost any sign of their previous sapience, any semblance of their reasoning abilities long gone.   As their mind shrivels and fades, their survival instincts multiply exponentially. A Wanderer will do anything to survive, slashing and thrashing through anything that stands in their way.   Their senses are heightened to their highest levels to the point of overstimulation. Agility, speed, and strength are the strongest they can be for the individual.   Frequent warpers are advised to use the fact that Wanderers are prone to overstimulation to their advantage. Strong smells, such as bitter herbs and perfumes, are recommended. Loud sounds and bright lights can also be used, but the latter is less effective.

Genetic Ancestor(s)

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