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Soul Slicer

When not weilded, this legendary weapon appears to be simply the hilt of a sword. When used, however, a blade of magical flame erupts from the weapon. Despite appearances, it cannot physically damage opponents, but it can inflict damage upon Souls and magic-based body parts.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Where the blade in the hilt should be, it channels the magical energy of the user and the energy around it to create a blade of flames.

Manufacturing process

Like a sword, except it’s only the hilt and the hilt has to withstand immense magical energy.


Significant to Koumlats, as it is known as their signature weapon. It is also weilded by Keeper.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
15 lbs
1 ft x 10 inches
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Magic infused Arcanian steel, made with copper and ore from the islands and the limited iron carried up from the land below. Leather strips around the grip.
Arcanian smithing, skin or gloves tough enough to handle molten metal, general smithing tools
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