Taruan Shells TSH

Taruan Shells (TSH) is the currency used in Taru. It has three main denominations, junk, zaw and kakam, which are named after various Taruan traditional ships. Each denomination is a decorated coin made from local Taruan metals, though some may prefer to use an online equivalent. An older version of Taruan currency used coins called shells, but was revised after the The Second Armada.
1 Junk (j) = 10 Zaws (z) = 100 Kakams (k).
The Taruan government issues the currency. Its value has improved since its first issue, but it is unable to compete with neighbouring currencies, such as the Cantari Chime (CCH) or the Federation Dime. (FDD) For this reason, many tourists travel to Taru for shopping or for a cheap holiday.
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