Taruan Merfolk

Across the Taruan sea live the Taruan Merfolk, otherwise known as the Jiāorén. These people live as a clan, led by a chieftain who inherits the title unless the clan is dissatisfied. For centuries, the Jiāorén deliberately avoided humans. During the Second Armada, their worst fears became true, as both sides of the war snagged innocent merfolk in their nets and tortured them.   Now their existence can no longer be denied, most of the Jiāorén remain weary and keep to themselves while others will cautiously explore Taru and other strange lands. Since the chieftain had a daughter with a human, the clan has become more willing to interact with selected individuals.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Jiāorén do not inherit family names.


Major language groups and dialects


Common Taboos

Jiāorén will not allow a human to venture to the sea's surface. No photography or recording equipment is allowed in their territory.
Encompassed species
Related Organizations

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