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Northern Isles

The Northern Isles, also known as "The Fjords" are an archipelago of self-ruled islands which convene in monthly councils to discuss stance and policy for a united front against the rest of the world. Known to be inhospitable and dangerous to outsiders, many travellers steer very clear from the Northern Isle territories.   The Northern Isles shares common culture between islands, including an ancient mythological pantheon.

Foreign Relations

Ships of Terror

All sailors fear piracy, especially pirates who sail ships from the Northern Isles. Many pirates across Gaia are Northern Isle folks, and piracy is a common issue around the Fjords, making the islands very inhospitable.   It is not widely known, but there are several pirate flags that organise themselves differently, and are not necessarily pledged to or allies to the Northern Isles themselves. There is often infighting between flags, but efforts are made to avoid all out wars in order not to weaken themselves towards larger nations. Despite there being no formal alliance or pledge to the rulers of the Fjords, locals see it as their best interests to defend the islands.

Devord rune hark, Devord hol hijn, Fjord valore, valore! / Without the cry of the runes, without the life of people, Fjord still endures, Fjord still endures.

Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Related Species
The Northern Isles culture is not at all like Southern Island culture, but often outsiders misunderstand or mix the two.


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