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Gate Image

A gate image is a strange ancient black tablet that when activated, displays a 3D image that appears to hover above the screen. Usually the gate images consist of portraits of people, but can occasionally contain images of picturesque settings, interior maps or waveforms.   Gate images come from Before Land, an era where humanity had fled to the sea on board colossal ships called an ISAAC. A few historians believe that gate images may have come from the Unknown History of before sea-nomad life.   Portraits
The most famous portrait is... The Alizarin. It shows a portrait of an androgynous face with powdered skin, red lips, and bold red and black eyeshadow. Their eyes are dark¬†with only the slightly hint of brown, and their¬†cheeks are lightly flushed with a brief note of pink. Their curly hair is black and looks soft and full of life. Their expression is remarkable in that it cannot be directly translated. It is not quite a stare even though the eyes are wide, and the lips are pressed too firm for an expression of surprise or shock. There is remarkable energy in Alizarin face, so much that it can be unsettling to the viewer.   Other famous portraits include...   The Blond Haired Child, a pale child wearing a soft green jumper, sitting down on a plush looking chair. He is holding a bizarre creature with two small beady eyes under its black overgrown fur and two long ears that lay against its back.   The Slobber-Monster, a portrait of a terrifying creature, drooling with a long pink tongue. It has four strong legs and is in a sitting position, with its head tilted slightly to one side.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A gate image got its name because there is a belief that the tablet once contained a great deal information, however due to the technological memory wipes Gaia suffered, all but the very last data point that was accessed on the tablet was preserved. Some scientist-historians believe that there may be some of key to accessing other information on the gate image which would be an incredible discovery if it were true.
Item type
Unique Artifact
These items are considered very rare and precious artefacts.
Lightweight and fragile
Usually 21 x 30 cm

Cover image: by Sailing Ocelot


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