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Ruled over by the high King (Taliesan Drakonai),. Where it is then further separated by military fiefdoms ruled by Dukes (The largest of which being the fiefdom of Thrace owned by Acteon Eskell). This is separated into non military baronies whose influence is mainly that of agriculture and trade.


There culture is largely religious, holding that the god Garrath is paramount in their everyday life. This is reflected in what the culture holds as virtues, that of loyalty, honor, dignity and truth. Anything that would threaten these would therefore be seen as a personal threat. Although as recently as 5E 805 there is a shift in these values where they learn more towards subjective truth and rationalism.


Grahvion being the strongest and most influential kingdom in Sardria has access to many assets, that of gold, a fully trained and armed military of 12,000 troops, the heavy cavalry of paladins (somewhat equal to the knights of Delfie), as well as a large gem and steel trade which they export to many other country's.


The kingdom of Grahvion is a very old it's founding in 3E 200 and some historical sources contest that it goes back farther more closely relating to what it now the fiefdom of Thrace which has an ancient history as was built by a much older civilization of what is believed to be a non human culture.   The Citadel became its capitol in 3E 210 by Terrowin The Builder who saw to it to unite the area under one banner. The fiefdom of Trace contested this as they had enjoyed being the strongest of the separate kingdoms. In 3E 328 the Duke of Thrace Atticus Gayo (who was later branded Atticus the Traitor). But this revolution was soon ended in 3E 335 by King Terrowin Antunyes II. Who stripped Atticus of his title and banning the Gayo line from holding any future claim to the fiefdom of Thrace.

The Citadel
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Official State Religion
Notable Members

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