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Luminous Metal

A Luminous metal is a metal compound that contains a significant amount of kaalite. Luminous metals are just like normal metals, save for a few curious properties granted to them from the kaalite.


Material Characteristics

Luminous metals can look just like regular metals or very unique, depending on the amound of kaalite in them and the type of compound. Luminous gold with lunar kaalite, for example, might be a mesmerizing mix of cobalt blue and gold, or it could be a muddy greenish color. While it looks beautiful, marbled Luminous metals are actually lower quality than more solidly colored ones, as the marbling is an indicator that the kaalite is not thoroughly mixed into the metal. A marbled Luminous metal might have its kaalite streaks glow when exposed to enough Aura, but more pure forms of Luminous metals don't typically glow.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The most valuable property of a Luminous metal is its ability to resist the transferrence of heat. This means that the melting points of Luminous metals have the potential to be hundreds of degrees higher than their non-Luminous counterparts.

This is especially valuable for metals like gold, which normally have a very low melting point. Luminous gold has more applications for machinery than normal gold, as it won't warp as quickly in the presence of strong heat.

The energy resistance goes both ways. Non-Luminous metals are resistant to Celestial Aura, and so a Luminous metal would take much more Aura to melt it than pure kaalite. This does mean that Luminous metals are potentially vulnerable to warp when exposed to too much Aura, but that risk is low enough to be negligable in most cases.

Geology & Geography

Luminous metals can rarely be found naturally amongst veins of normal metals. It is sometimes difficult to tell a Luminous metal from a normal one if there isn't much kaalite present. Most of the Luminous metals that are found naturally are marbled.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Luminous metals are the material used to create many currencies used throughout the world. Their rarity, sturdiness, and refusal to melt down via normal means make them great to use as coins. At least 60% of SanZera's geopolitical organizations that use common currencies use Luminous metals to mint their coins.

Now that a technological revolution is sweeping across the continents, Luminous metals are seeing increased use in Auratech and other machinery.


Since most naturally occuring Luminous metals are marbled, they have to go through a refinement process to turn them into more useful, evenly mixed compounds. This requires a process called "dual melting", which involves using both an extremely hot fir and an extreme amount of Aura on the metal at the same time. This can only be accomplished with special tools and personnel that are built and trained for the task. It allows both the Luminous and non-Luminous components to melt down at the same time, where they can be more thoroughly mixed together before allowed to cool.

Dual melting is difficult and sometimes dangerous. Attempting it without proper training could be catastrophic.

Boiling / Condensation Point
Higher than normal
Melting / Freezing Point
Lower than normal
Common State
Related Technologies
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Luminous element responsible for creating floatstones and floating islands

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