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Spirit Spot Rules

The rules for spirits aren't out yet, but these will suffice for now.   Spirits have the same three Abilities; Rage, Gnosis and Willpower.  

  • Willpower for physical actions that require finesse (Dex or Stamina)
  • Rage for physical actions that require Strength or force. Gnosis for social or mental actions. Essence is a pool of points used to power Charms.

Common Charms

  Airt Sense: No change   Materialize: A spirit's Health Track when materialized equals its Rage +3. A spirit's Willpower Track equals its Willpower   Realm Sense: No change   Re-Form: No change  

Specialty Charms

Armor: By spending two points of Essence the spirit gains one extra health level for the remainder of the Scene.   Blast: Damage dealt by blast is Superficial but is not halved.   Cleanse the Blight: No change   Control Electrical Systems: No change other than the Difficulty   Create Fires: Difficulty equals double the amount of damage the fire would do. (Generally 2-6)   Create Wind: Strong breeze diff 1, Storm Diff 5, Tornado Diff 7   Illuminate: No change   Flood: No change   Freeze: The damage dealt is Superficial but is not divided in half for vampires.   Healing: Won't work on vampires, difficulty 1 for Superficial, 3 for Aggravated   Open Moon Bridge: No change   Peek: No change   Shapeshift: No change   Shatter Glass: Difficulty 1   Umbraquake: Damage is Superficial   Updraft: Difficulty 1  

Bane Charms

Blighted Touch: This deals damage to Willpower.   Corruption: Per Compel (Dominate 1) but needs no eye contact. The spirit rolls Willpower   Incite Frenzy: This can work on anything with the Beast. Resist Fury Frenzy, but it is an opposed roll vs. the spirit's Rage.   Possession: Per Possession (Audspex 5). The spirit rolls Willpower.  

Weaver Charms

Calcify: Spirit rolls Willpower vs. the target's Resolve + Composure.   Solidify Reality: Each success adds one health level   Spirit Static: Generally not something Vampires have to worry about.  

Wyld Charms

Break Reality: Each Win allows the spirit to change one thing   Disorient: Difficulty 1


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