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Six Session 2 report

General Summary

The opening of the sixth seal caused an earthquake to devastate the area around the San Andreas Fault in California, and an angel-shaped cloud could be seen in the footage.   To make matters even more interesting, bombs started going off in key Camarilla-owned locations all over New York City, a push by the Anarchs to take the city.   The coterie returned to Inferno to attempt to ensure it wouldn't be blown up, calling in a handful of favors they were owed. Then they were contacted and told to meet a mysterious little girl at the Brotherhood of Purity homeless shelter in Little Italy.   Meeting at the shelter, it was revealed that the girl was actually the archangel, Gabriel, who informed the coterie that Michael was on Earth looking for the seventh seal, and had taken the body of a military veteran who has ties to the ancient Order of St. Leopold (and by extension, probably the Second Inquisition). Furthermore, he had escalated the war between the Camarilla and Sabbat by infusing one of the Anarchs with the power of the Horseman, War.   The session ended with the coterie making a call to Fred Gray, former Scourge of New York City who had defected from the Camarilla to the Anarchs....

Rewards Granted

4 XP

Report Date
13 Apr 2019
Primary Location

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