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New Advantages and Flaws

Feeding Advantages and Flaws

  Flaw: Dulled Bite (O)--This is identical to the Thin Blood Flaw "Baby Teeth." Thin-Blood may not take this Flaw (instead take the Thin-Blood's the same thing)   Flaw: Disease Carrier (O)--You are permanently a carrier for some sort of disease. When feeding, on a Bestial Failure or Messy Critical, you pass along your disease to your target. In some cities, this is reason alone for a Blood Hunt.  

Linguistics Advantages and Flaws

  Flaw: Mute (O)--For whatever reason, you are unable to speak beyond a few odd grunts.  

Mental Advantages and Flaws

  Merit: Calm Heart (OO)--You find it easier to remain calm, even when the Beast is breathing down your neck. You gain a +1 bonus die to Fury Frenzy checks. Brujah cannot take this Merit.   Merit: Concentration (O)--You are able to concentrate very well. You can ignore one point of penalty due to environmental concerns, such as loud noise or strobe lights.   Merit: Time Sense (O)--You have an innate sense of time and are able to estimate the passage of time accurately without using a watch or other timekeeping object.   Flaw: Phobia (O or OO)--You have an overpowering fear of something most people do not. Select a relatively common thing, such as spiders or clowns. When faced with the object, you must roll for Fear Frenzy. Work with the Storyteller to determine the point value of this Flaw, but the more common the item, the more the Flaw is worth. Phobias of something that never come up in play or are too silly should be worth no points.   Flaw: Short Fuse (OO)--It's more difficult for you to remain calm. You have a -1 penalty to resist Fury Frenzy checks. Brujah characters should be careful when taking this flaw.  

Mythic Advantages and Flaws

  Merit: Deceptive Aura (O)--Your aura is unnaturally bright for a vampire. Any attempts to read your aura shows you to be mortal.   Flaw: Glowing Eyes (O)--Your eyes have a slight, eerie glow. While this does not affect your vision, it can make it easy for someone to figure out that you are a vampire just by looking at you.   Flaw: No Reflection (O)--You have no reflection   Flaw: Permanent Fangs (O)--Your fangs do not retract like many vampires. This can make what you truly are very easy to spot to a trained observer.    

Physical Advantages and Flaws

  Merit: Light Sleeper (O)--You can wake up easier than many Kindred. If disturbed during the day, you gain a +1 bonus to any roll to awaken.     Flaw: Deep Sleeper (O)--You find it harder to wake up than most Kindred. If disturbed during the day, you gain a -1 penalty to any roll to awaken.   Flaw: Flesh of the Corpse (OO)--Your body does not mend properly. While you heal functionally heal damage like normal, the cosmetic effects of the wounds do not fade. Over time your body becomes riddled with bullet holes, cuts and missing chunks. Eventually it will become impossible to look normal.   Flaw: Lost sense (OO)--You have completely lost your sight, hearing, smell or taste. You automatically fail any rolls involving this sense. Be careful taking this Flaw as it could have unforeseen consequences for you.   Flaw: Lame (O)--You have a condition that makes it harder for you to move quickly. When taking a penalty for movement during an action scene, increase the penalty by one. In dramatic scenes, you simply move slower than others.   Flaw: One Eye (OO)--You only have one eye, probably due to an accident prior to being Embraced. You suffer a -2 penalty on any roll that might require depth perception, such as firing a gun.   Flaw: Open Wound (O or OO)--You have a wound that will not heal and reopens every night. Each time you awaken, you suffer one Superficial Wound. This wound can be healed as normal. If you take this Flaw at the OO level, it is an Aggravated instead.


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