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The Big Three   Three Camarilla clans in particular hold the majority of real power in New York City. The Ventrue hold the financial power and Wall Street in an iron grip. The Toreador control the thriving art and club scene of the Big Apple. And, perhaps surprisingly, the Malkavians are common and influential in city politics, much to the chagrin of clans like the Tremere and @Brujah who would rather see their own Clans having as much influence as the Mad Ones do.   Street Level   While the Ventrue and Toreador control things up top, the Malkavians and the Brujah have a near stranglehold on the streets. The sheer number of homeless, often with the associated mental illness that all too often follows, give the Malkavians plenty of potential new recruits into their ranks as well as ties to an ever-present network of informants. The Brujah, on the other hand, control a large number of gangs and groups of thugs.   The Malkavians and the Nosferatu often bump head, sometimes in not-so-friendly ways, as their influence and network of informants tend to be drawn from the same stock. Likewise, the Brujah and Gangrel are often at odds with one another, thanks to competing turf wars between gangs.   The Tremere   The Tremere seem like the odd man out in this crazy city. They mostly stick to their Chantry of the Five Burroughs in midtown Manhattan, making only the occasional inroads to political prowess. The Pontifex of New York City, Lucius Edredge, prefers to keep a low profile. It seems he has more important matters on his mind, though low-level Tremere don't know what that is. There is, however, something almost palpable in the city as if a mystical storm is brewing that only the Tremere seem to be able to sense.