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  The most recent of the ancient discoveries, the Sa'avi were an advanced civilization- perhaps the most advanced as of yet discovered; they built towering spires and gleaming cities fueled by arcane technology, and made great strides in magical experimentation. Despite their advanced nature, however, they appear to have remained strictly isolated to the continent of Tolara. Unfortunately, they met a grim fate during an event known only as The Cataclysm around the year 3319- the exact specifics of which still remain a mystery to Tolaran Archivists.  
After returning to Eris'ka I was filled with restless energy... I knew I'd only just barley scratched the surface of the ruins; that even more spectacular treasures were out there just waiting to be found. I was eager to be off again and decided to return to the Southern Isles immediately.
— From the Journals of Dinead e'Allire,
Expedition Master; 20 Jenia 6153

Language Influence

Build Notes

  • Political Structure: oligarchy
  • Popular Issue: personal freedoms
  • Stability: fairly solid
  • Strength: somewhat weak
  • Focus: land
  • Main Unit: mages
  • Urban population: 10%
  • Rural population: 90%
  • Fertility Rate: 5 children per family; large family structures; great emphasis placed on family and elders
  • Life Expectancy: approximately 30 years
  • Worshiped The Narrators- including Adahn Brack
  • Had very few holidays
  • Largely a stern culture
  • Major Taboo: physical contact between non-family individuals
  • Ruins located in Ar'lasang Vaerda'ky and Di'kae Milona
  • Largest concentration of ruins is located on the southern peninsula of Tolara
  • A handful of ruins can be found in Castrillis
  • Suspected ruins in Rusatar, but these are unconfirmed
  • Magical occurrences were very common
  • Had an inherent ability towards magic, making some archivists think they were related to or predated the Elves
  • Highly advanced civilization
  • Primary focus seems to have been on Magical technology and advancement
  • Major uses for magic included protection
  • Created an advanced power source that appears to have been used to protect their cities (such as the one marginally active at Kuai’ain Palace)
  • Created (and then destroyed by) the Athelephine
  • Main Temple complex and seat of government was the Kuai’ain Palace

  • Cover image: Forgotten Cultures by Chris Karbach


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