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The Arboreal Council

The Arboreal Council a ancient Druidic guild. They have lasted through centuries of war and combat. The council is spread throughout the entire world, and are rarely found in large gatherings. Many members of the council rarely meet any other members. It is common to be initiated without ever meeting anyone. Notes are often left in druidic, with no trace of the sender.


Quercus: The Quercus is the leader of the Council. The current is Alred Younv, a previous ambassador.

Public Agenda

The Arboreal Council was created during the age of enlightenment long before the Great War. The fae tasked a trustworthy group of druids on the material plane with keeping the essence of fae safe on the material plane. Many members of the council focus on protecting fae groves and tears in the material plane. Because the fae is such an unreliable plane, the tears in the plane are often sporadic, and hard to find.


The Arboreal Council is mysterious to much of the outside world. Many members may hide that part of their life from everyone they know. Most nations agree to trade with the Council, and agree to trade land and resources. The Council attempts to complete all of its goals legally. They often try and obtain permission to operate, or attempt to buy the land they will be working on it it is for an extended time period. Most of their funds come from removing magical pests from towns and cities. Often they will try and relocate the animal to a more suitable location rather than killing it.

Druidic Circle

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