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Rimelle Hialeah Irina (She/her)

"Shes been able to endure this much and was able to live through it, I pity and admire her at the same time"

      -Raydon expressing his thoughts on rimelle

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Despite rimelles small and dainty appearances her body is resilient and built robustly due to the physical conditioning she underwent as a warrior of the scarlet watch

Body Features

Her body has endured it's fair shares of scars from her early life that vary in length, shape and how far the blade went, each tells a grim story from her past

Facial Features

Her cheeks are lined with scars that form a scale like pattern, assumed to be some form of branding by her enslavers to mark her as their property

Apparel & Accessories

Wears a standardize plated vest and red cloak common amongst the many ranks of the scarlet watch

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rimelle was born in a settlement deep within dunisia outside of the federations influence and control, her home was plauged by famine and blight and at an early age her mother, her sole family member, sold her to slavery in desperation and in an attempt to spare her rimelle from the excruciating death of starvation   As a slave rimelle was forced to do the menial task and back breaking work imposed upon her and her slave comrades by their ruthless masters, the harsh living conditions  she had to endured forced her mind and body to adapt, strengthening her resolve will and body, and secretly had learned the art of the blade by observation  And practicing away from her master's prying eye   After an accident caused by her during one of her master's lavish banquets she is forced to flee after killing 2 of his henchmen who attempted to punish her she ,escaped into the woods before being caught by her pursuers with her former master there to personally execute her for disobedience, but before that a warrior of the scarlet watch seeing the value in rimelle  swiftly kills the master and his henchmen and freeing her, the warrior then offers her to join the scarlet watch as a price for saving her, reluctantly at first but seeing no other choice she agrees   The hardship rimelle endured in her early life had allowed her to survive against the initiation and her intermediate knowledge of combat quickly advanced after being taught the beast slaying methods of organization, she quickly settles in but her anti social and mute traits make it difficult for her to find camradare within the organization but will soon warm up as she given a chance to develop new bonds and friendship and even developing affectionate feelings to one of her closest comrades although she's unable to show it out of fear and her lack of a voice


Has the standard militaristic education given to all members of the scarlet watch ranging from intermediate knowledge on self tending to one's own wounds to the deadly art of combat

Mental Trauma

Her early childhood past had made her incredibly distrustful of most people, especially men

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes


-roses -tight spaces -darkness


  -smell of grass -food

Virtues & Personality perks




Vices & Personality flaws






As a muted individual she keeps to herself and only interacts to those she is comfortable with
Current Location
Date of Birth
16th of summer
Presented Sex
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
230 lbs
Aligned Organization

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