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Each school of magic has summon glyphs. These glyphs summon different animals or weapons. The energy channeled by each glyph describes the animal or weapon that the energy forms. The Beast Mastery skill modifier contributes to the health of the summoned animal. See the list at the right for details on each summoning spell.  

Weapon Summons

The summoned weapons take on similar characteristics to physical weapons. They last for ten minutes, the length of the encounter, or until combat is done. They require Weapons Proficiency feat and are affected by other weapons oriented feats.  

Animal Summons

All Animal Summon spells are Adept level. Any Summon will have their turn directly after yours. You can take an action during your turn to command your summon to do a task on their turn. Summons appear immediately and will have their turn directly after. The Summoner can direct the Summon as if it was the Summoner's turn. The Summon has the same turn set up as all other characters. See Combat Mechanic if you need a refresher.  


All commands require a Beast Mastery Check. The DC is rolled by the Summon and the Summoner must beat it. ? Hmmm.... All Commands have the same restriction as the Summoner. Work with the DM and come up with something creative! Below are some general commands for a Summon.   Attack
The Summon can be told to attack a target. The Summon will use a physical attack of claws, beak, or body mass to deal damage to the target. The   Defend
If the Summon is told to Defend, it will move towards the location of the thing/creature it is Defending. It will the use it's Action to Wait. It will then Attack the next creature to attack it's defended creature.   Move
The Summon can be commanded to Move, which uses all of its turn to move to the location the Summoner dictates.   Special
The Summon can be commanded to use it's Special. This requires that the Summoner say which special to use and what the target is. The Summon can use MOD number of Specials during its Duration. For example, if the Summon is from the Dragon School, it will have Summoner's STR number of Specials to use. This number is always at least one and is calculated at the time of Summoning.  


The summon lasts ten minutes, the length of the encounter, until health is depleted, or until combat is done, which ever occurs first. Really, it is up to the DM and the situation.  


The size of the summon is dependent on the Variation. All 1st Variations are small, 4' x 4'. So a 1st Variation snake is 4 feet long. A 1st Variation bear is 4' feet high and 4' feet long. The 2nd Variation is Medium up to 8' by 8' feet. The 3rd Variation is Large, up to 16' x 16'. The Summons don't have to be maximum size.  


The health of the summon is determined by the Variation and the Beast Mastery skill modifier. 1st Variations have a base of 20 health + Beast Mastery Skill. 2nd Variations have a base of 30 heath. 3rd Variations have a base of 40 health.  


The summon attacks with fangs, claws, horns, or whatever appendage it chooses to gore and smash its target with. The damage dealt is rolled by the DM and the STR if using one appendage and DEX if using two (two pawed swipe from a Bear) or based on the description given by the summoner. First Variation deals d4 damage. Second Variation deals d6 damage. Third Variation deals d8 damage. Modifier from the summon is added.  


Each Animal Summon has Specials. These are abilities that can be used up to a total of MOD number of times. The MOD is STR for Dragon School, INT for Snake, etc. The 2nd Variation has the same first special as the 1st Variation and gains one more. The 3rd Variation will have three specials, which can be used in any combination up to MOD number of times. A Beast Mastery Check is made to command the summon to use a special. The check is 10 for the first Special, 13 for the second, and 15 for the final Special. The Special uses the Beast Mastery roll for comparison against the target's Dodge, Block, or Counter Attack roll.

Dragon Summon Spells

Fire Axe
Summon Wyvern
Summon Hydra
Summon Chimera
Dragon's Claw

Wolf Summon Spells

Lightning Whip
Summon Wolf
Summon Alpha
Summon Dire Wolf
Meteor Hammer

Snake Summon Spells

Thorn Dagger
Summon Adder
Summon Taipan
Summon Seps
Life Drinker  

Kraken Summon Spells

Dark Bow
Summon Osprey
Summon Jaguar
Summon Kraken
Ciro's Trident

Crow Summon Spells

Silver Glaive
Enslave Spirit
Riase Draugr
Summon Deathwalker
Astor's Scythe

Tortoise Summon Spells

Golden Mace
Summon Bear
Summon Rhinoceros
Summon War Elephant
Odeta's Bow

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