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Golems are enchanted constructs of clay, stone, and wood. They can be piloted or given simple instructions   Like Guardians, each golem has a Heart that is made up of a rune enchanted with a glyph, called the Core, and layers of glyphs, which make the final Heart. The Core of a golem can use any glyph. The glyph used determines the type of golem and some of its abilities. To make a Heart, six layers of clay are added and hardened by magic. Each layer has one of the six basic runes enchanted on it. The power of these layers determine the golem's stats. Once a Heart has been made, it is near impossible to pull apart and reclaim the rune. Each layer of clay that makes up the heart is seeped in magic and binds tightly to the rune. To make the golem, layers of clay, stone, and glyphs are added to the Heart make the final form of the golem.   Allos is the center for golem creation. Some golems are works of art and used in plays or festivals. During the Winter Solstice, the golems dance through the streets in a giant parade. Others are used in battles and the Tournament of Champions. Golem making in Allos is incredibly sacred and held tightly secret. This is because Crow magic is used in making the Hearts. It is required as one of the six layers of clay. Since Crow magic is seen as taboo in the rest of Rhunec, the Golem Enchanters keep this technique hidden. This has also caused a slow down in the creation of new Hearts. It is kept so secret, that only family members from the Golem Enchanters are taught. Even then, those family members often have to be Champions in order to learn.   There are weekend fights that culminate in the Tournament of Champions during the Winter Solstice Festival. The reigning champion is a kraken golem, Sharvani, the six armed goddess. She is piloted by Fara. A lot of pilots wear costumes that match or copy some aspect of their golem. Fara wears a mask with four faces on it (front, right, left, back of her head), the same four faces as Sharvani.   Dragon: Block (STR Modifier) Wolf: Dodge (DEX modifier) Snake: Attack (INT Modifier) Kraken: Skill/Magic Attack(WIS Modifier) Tortoise: Counter attack (CON Modifier)     To pilot the golem, the pilot must use glyphs at the right time. This doesn’t require spell casting, because the glyphs are already preprogrammed. The pilot traces the glyph they want and the magic in the golem responds. The core glyph determines the type of golem it is, but the pilot can shape it to whatever they want. The core glyph also determines the skill/magic attack that the golem has. Pilot checks are required to command the golem.   To make a golem, a rune with a glyph needs to be used. The different glyphs give the golems different attributes and properties. The glyph used on the rune is what the golem’s skill/magic attack becomes. Once the rune is chosen, then clay, stone, and other building materials need to be layered over the rune and each layer inscribed with a glyph. The glyphs begin to describe what the golem’s attributes will be. Six layers, six attributes. the golem builder must roll enchantment and cast each of the basic six glyphs. The enchantment roll decides the attribute for that layer.   Once the rune and the six layers are complete, this creates the golem’s Heart. The Heart is its weak point and can be placed anywhere on the golem. In fighting, the easiest way to beat an opponent is take the Heart from the other golem, causing it to collapse.   Golems can be made small, which are dog sized, less than 4 feet. Medium, 4 to 8 feet, human sized. Most guardians are this size. Large, which is 8 to 16 feet. Some guardians are this size, most golems fought in Allos are this size, about 16 feet. Watchers and Tenders are in a class all on their own. Once the core is complete, materials are added until the golem is the correct size. Each appendage requires material and enchantment. There are six appendages, head, torso, right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg. A small golem requires 2 sets of material and 2 enchantment each. Medium requires 4. Large requires 8. A set of material is considered 1 unit of clay. If armor or decoration is wanted, then the the same amount of units is needed. Armor is considered 1 unit of stone, wood, or metal. Health is decided by 20+units of armor+CON modifier of the golem.   The core is the rune. The heart is the rune and the first six layers. With a heart, a golem can be remade over and over again. Same with a Guardian heart. Guardian hearts are special because they have......?

Genetic Ancestor(s)

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