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Beast Master

The Beast Master is a friend to everything that walks, crawls, slithers, flies, or digs. They form deep connections with the animals of Rhunec and call on them to help when in trouble.   Beasts do not need to be of this plane. Beast Masters can also use Summoning glyphs to call forth immensely powerful ethereal creatures. Are you strong enough to call on the Chimera and bend it to your will? Or do you become it's next snack?   Beast Masters hail from every corner of Rhunec and can use any of the schools of magic. Generally, the School matches the culture from where the Beast Master comes from. The Wolf Callers from the Pine Coast in the north. The Dragon Riders from the Northern Range. The Serpent Speakers from the Senchinera Forest and Thousand Lakes. The Ocean Spirits from Trivera Lake and Ponticupo Bay. The Iron Hides from the Flatlands.   To become a true Beast Master, one must become wise in the ways of the world and its inhabitants. Or, become the next meal for a hungry Hydra.



Beast Masters come from every culture in Rhunec.


  • Primary Attribute: Wisdom
  • Secondary Attribute: Variable


Knowledge of Magic  

Recommended Skills

  • Beast Master
  • Scholarship
  • Perception

School of Magic

All have summoning, so it depends on how you want to play.  


  • Tamer
  • Spell Caster
  • Spell Master
  • Double up

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