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3rd day of Spring, 5E292, The Era of Grey

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Respite - (Updated May 31, 2021)

Status: UNPLAYABLE, HOMEBREW, Work in Progress.
Current Project: Finish fleshing out all of the races my children have created/introduced.
Contains SPOILERs.

The World of Respite is an installment of a family-made homebrew series called The Tomes Anomalous. Respite currently takes place on the Continent of Eusticke predominantly in the Kingdom of Lamina. The current campaign focuses its scope on a band of eccentric adventurers whose focus wanders due to their neutral-esque natures. The epicness and open-endedness of all planned campaigns allow for a unique spectrum of character playstyle, but are and will be varied from campaign to campaign.

Author's Notes
  • Pantheons and Deities need attention.
  • Races and Ethnicities worry about names later.
  • Languages and dialects need attention.
  • Regions and Settlements need attention.
  • everything else to come...

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