Pariticle Based SI

These types of Synthetics are fully capable of augmenting the particles around them at a Semi Omnipotent level, which is an extremely rare sight to be seen, since the idea of Particle Utilization has been shown to be impossible to utilize perfectly, (with the only capable way of doing it be Quantum and Pymm Particle utilization, having limits of what can be done) though it is now proven entirely that Particle Utilization is possible, yet not perfect, it may still be possible to further understand how Particles work when utilized 100% completely, besides the utilization of Particles, several abilities to it were invented:   Particle Reconstruction - It is a Healing type ability which not only heals biologics, it can indefinitely restore lost limbs, organs, and anything, even bring the dead back to life, it can also affect Non-biologics in the same way, making this ability a Universal Healing/Resurrect/Repair Skill.   Particle Disguise - This ability allows the total disguising of a specific individual in every physical aspect, even in DNA and whatever natural abilities the individual they have turned into has.   Particle Shifting - This Ability is the original branching idea of what Pymm Particles are; The ability to shrink and grow objects, but this has no limit as to how small or how large the object can turn into.   Particle Summoning - This ability allows the summoning of Particle entities that are full immortal and bound to the Summoner, there is no limits to what entity can be summoned as long as the summoner knows who or what is summoned.

Basic Information


Particula Synthetica Intellegentia are very very similar to Synthetic Intelligence. The difference is mainly that while Synthetic Intelligence are based mostly as code and their AI Core is just a power source for them, Partciula Sythetica Intellgenitia are entirely their core. Their other physical form is created using particle based tech around said core. As such they don't have a set anatomy or morphology, although most of the time they take humanoid form.

Growth Rate & Stages

Particula Synthetica Intellegentia is a purely synthetic

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Particula Synthetica Intellegentia have some of the more interesting capabilities in the metaverse. Using particle tech, Particula Synthetica Intellegentia have been known to be able to sense and interact with objects several light years away from them using particle clones as vessels. There is a limit to this though, even the most powerful and oldest of this group could only effectively control 25 of these clones at a time. Utilizing Particle tech, particula sythetica Intellegentia has even been known to be able to shrink themselves or other objects and regrow them at will.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
particula synthetica intelligentia


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