Creationite was the first element created by Doctor █████. Being the first element to exist, its characterstics seem to defy the Traditional laws of reality. Creationite was created alongside its sibiling element destructinite. People who have come into contact with this element have been said to be washed over with a feeling of serenity and peace. As such its been theorized that the element exudes an aura of serenity. Creationite is said to be composed of the very fabric of existence itself.


Material Characteristics

Creationite is a metallic element that glows with every color in existence. The colors it glows seem to shift based on its "mood". As such it has been theorized that the element holds some level of sentience.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Creationite has been shown to hold heavily anomolous properties. If used to forge an accessory or item of sorts, the person wielding it would see their capbilites increased to being nearly limitless. Cybernetics sets containing Creationite at its heart have been shown to be able to tap into the aetheric energy of the realms themselves. That being said Creationite can be said to be a double edged sword and everything has a price attached. Those who cannot handle the energy this element puts off have been known to be soon destroyed by the very energy they invoked.


There only two known compunds that have been made with Creationite: Creationite-Tetranite and Alchemical Creatiom.

Geology & Geography

Creationite itself is one of the rarest elements in existence, only found in abundance near the genesis point in the epicenter. Even so, it is found in increasingly higher rarity in other realms further away from the genesis point.

Origin & Source

Creationite was created during an experiment done by Doctor █████ as an element of pure condensed creation, It was then used along with destructinite to form many of the more ancient relics within the metaverse.

Life & Expiration

Creationite does not exist naturally in a stabilized form. If someone was to use magical means to manifest creationite it would manifest in its unstable form that would fluctuate between many different colors before releasing a spectacular amount of energy in an explosion of light. Only very high ranking members of Phoenix Corps know how to stabilize this element correctly.

History & Usage


Creationite has existed since the dawn of creation. (or perhaps even longer) Because of the requirements to utilize this element, however, it was mostly left unknown to anyone but people in Phoenix Corps until around age 4. In age 4 someone from realm ID 2058 got their hands on some of the element and managed to craft a wand out of it. Because of the inherent properties of creationite the wand had capabilities beyond what should have been possible with native materials to their world. Sadly, the price for wielding said wand was too much and the very power she used to make the wand eventually killed the wielder off. Luckily, she wasn't completely gone since she bound her soul to the wand to allow her to be resurrected.


Creationite was first "discovered" by Doctor █████ at the dawn of creation itself. The Doctor then used this discovery/creation of his to make several now ancient relics. Most notably in this list of relics would be the Eternity Ring.

Everyday use

Creationite is far too rare a element to be used commonly. Instead its only used in top of the line equipment created by Phoenix Corps. Anything that needs a huge boost of power can use the element to provide that but because of how rare the element is, it has not been able to become a part of everyday society.


To be able to mold creationite into what you wish to make it, you must melt it down first. This requires a forge capable of getting hotter than the universe was at the start of the big bang. This hurdle right here is why most civilizations never can use creationite, even if it was more abundantly available.

Manufacturing & Products

Creationite has been known to be used to create several different types of products. Literally anything that could use a boost of power can utilze creationite to provide that. A list of the more commmon products:

  • Creationite Power Core for Cybernetics
  • Creationite Power Core for an SI
  • Creationite Energy Adapter
  • Creationite Core
  • Eternity Ring


Creationite must be stabilized before it can be used. If someone attempts to use it before stabilizing it first, it can release an energetic output strong enough to wipe out a origin universe.

Elemental / Molecular
Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point
Common State
unstable energetic state
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