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Qimmiriuku Coast

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The Qimmiriuku Coast is a cold, heartless, brutal place. Winter is long and cold, the warm seasons barely seem to last. The land provides little of the resources needed to give a civilization and a people lives that were not brutish and short. However, beyond all odds, they did it. They slough off the wind and snow, they combat the icy seas with the little wood they can muster up and a wish. The Qimmiriuku Coast, the homeland of the Qimmiriukiat peoples since the dawn of mankind itself, birthed a confederation of those with the resilience and abilities needed to give everyone a fair existence.   The gods here are an interesting bunch, split from their father who was the creator of the universe itself. They seem to have differing relations with the Coast, as there are some who try to end life as much as they attempt to keep it going. There is a god of storms attempting to curse the land and put it under a permanent snowstorm. A goddess of death who is willing to make all join her in the afterlife, at any cost. Yet some choose to bless the world, by providing the means of warding from those trying to curse the Coast.   It is a land where foreigners can come and trade for the few natural resources from a humble nation scratching out a living from the snowfields. The Qimmiriuku Coast is an interesting place if one is willing to shovel deep enough to find the heart of the people and the stories behind it.