Proxy 17

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A co-created worldbuilding adventure by DaniAdventures and Dani's Dreamers!   Together we're building a settlement and exploring a mysterious planet full of intrigue...and beautiful, catastrophic, historical, intricate, and potentially terrifying secrets.
The Collective has determined that Proxy 17 is of no consequence. There is no one there, no civilization or council present who might contribute to galactic commerce, therefore no need to assign critical DreamerLink resources to its surrounding space.   Captain Alula, a now-independent agent of Bennu Port, disagrees. Something has happened to the people who used to live here--a world bustling with sentient life suddenly reduced to rubble is definitely of consequence. Especially when all records of that world and its surrounding space are wiped from every database she's managed to hack. None of the advanced societies in The Collective even acknowledge that an event occurred at all, yet Alula was there as a green recruit when the distress call came in. She had boots on the ground in the aftermath--when it was determined no further research or rescue was necessary.   That changes today.   After years of training and completing her service to The Collective, Alula has finally gained her own independent command. No mandates will stop her from investigating the mystery of Proxy 17 now, and we are the team she's entrusted with this undertaking.