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Spirit Dragon


The second smallest of the five dragon types. Ever since the Curse killed off all conjuring dragons, spirit dragons have become dragon kind's most magically capable living type.  
Spirit dragons are long and slender with slightly muscular arms and legs. They have smooth, rounded light blue scales on their upper side and grey, armor like scales on their underside. When in contact with the spirit realm, an ability for which this dragon type is named for, their entire body turns greyer. Spirit dragons have light grey wing membranes, a grey furry mane, tufts of fur under their chin, two flowing whiskers, and three deep blue Ilistacol, located on each wing wrist and at the end of their tail. As with all dragons, females are larger than males by a noticeable amount. This is the only dragon without spikes on their backs.   Physically spirit dragons have little strength but make up for their weakness in agility. Their spine allows for a great deal of movement even at the abdomen. Magical stamina is the same for all other dragons and pure magical ability outclasses nearly all Laku and dragon types. Only the conjuring dragons and a few individuals from certain Lakis species can perform more spells than the average spirit dragon.   Spirit dragons have the unique ability to use magic to allow them or another dragon to visit the spirit world without having to visit Sharloka or a cloudy area. Use of this spell requires a great deal of magical strength and use of it does not guarantee that a spirit will be around to speak with.   Aerial abilities for spirit dragons revolve around agility over speed. All dragons can fly faster than a spirit dragon, while no dragon can match a spirit dragon's agility. Both in the air and on the ground spirit dragons are difficult to catch as their abilities and slippery scales allow them to slip out of anyone's grasp.

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