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Project Pandora

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Project Pandora is a WIP TTRPG system that's focused on people who have to find way to be good in harsh worlds, people who want to have a good legacy, and who want to leave those worlds a better place.   This WA page will include articles for the different rules of the system (such as Character Creation and the different types of rolls) and also for some of the settings I'm working on.   Solat is a sci-fi solarpunk world where the human population has been confined to the cities since the skies are full of massive and primordial predators. People try to live and to prosper within wonderful cultures but are always wary that a breach appears and the Zephyrians strike.   Lapse is a parallel dimension to Earth where magical creatures made of emotion, travel between both realms during night time to fulfill many tasks. As grim as our world is, people who find themselves traveling through the Lapse often pay a terrible price.   Glailth is a low-magic urban fantasy setting where plants became fully sentient and took over society, turning all other species into workers and servants. People there often struggle to get by with what they have. Fortunately, resistance groups are becoming much more common, but the invasion is far from finished.

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