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Irgend Vale

The Irgend Vale is a region in the infamous Northern Frontier of the Kingdom of Cennedigion. The wide, flat valley provides an easy pass through the steep and dangerous Orgothar Mountains that otherwise cut off Cennedigion from the Northern Wastes thus almost completely halting the kingdom's expansion until the discovery of the Irgend Vale by adventurer Shepard Irgend.


The Irgend Vale is a 60 mile long, straight, trough-shaped valley that cuts directly through the Orgothar Mountain Range. Its sides are steep and rocky, but even out quickly into rolling plains towards the center where the Evlon River flows, fed by a total of seven mountain streams.

The areas in close proximity to the Evlon and the mountain brooks are usually fertile meadow lands, while the remaining area up to the rocky edges of the vale is thickly wooded.

Fauna & Flora

The vale is home to several giant breeds of animals, including Giant Badgers, Giant Boars, Giant Eagles, Giant Elks, Giant Mountain Goats, Giant Lobsters, Giant Owls and Giant Weasels.

Settlers have also reported groups of mobile trees roaming the woods though these reports of what are presumed to be wandering Treants are contested.

Alternative Name(s)
The Northern Breach

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