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Bahr Okyrogen is the seventh of the Seven Melodies and the absolute sovereign of Frigros. Though generally depicted as male in classical paintings, his Disigno is difficult for outsiders to reach, making firsthand knowledge of his true form difficult, if not impossible, to come by. The only confirmed eyewitnesses of Okyrogen in history are those who were present during and after the attack on The Crescendos.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Though nothing at all is known about the origins of the Melodies or how they came to have dominion over Planeros, their actions upon arrival are well documented. They wasted no time in making their way to their own realms and spent several years terraforming the planet into its current form. Due to pure chance, Okyrogen's Disigno ended up being sandwiched between the more isolationist Melodies, keeping his work secret from the rest of the world. However, he is one of the only three of the Seven Melodies to have ever left their own Disigno, giving the world a glimpse at his form. When The Crescendos, a castle in Metamora, was being attacked by locals, Okyrogen, Pentukaolin, and Esthesis left their homes to defend it. Though Okyrogen was the one who enacted the brutal slaughter of the locals, the presence of three of the Seven Melodies in one place was more than enough to discourage anyone from ever attempting to damage the castle ever again. Since this event, Okyrogen has kept to his own realm. Due to his Disigno's insane geography, it is impossible to know if he still walks about Planeros or if he has vanished from the sight of mahn like the other Melodies have.

Large, white
Approximately 50 feet

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