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Rune Iron

Rune Iron is similar in almost every way to regular iron except that it has the capacity of retaining enchantments far beyond the capacity of regular iron or steel. Because of this it is however very dangerous to work with requiring reinforced smelters and furnaces with extra care taken when handling it to avoid injury or even death.


Physical Characteristics

It is similar in every way to Iron.


Rune Iron can hold a runic enchantment far longer than regular iron and steel.


Rune Iron is used to make Rune Steel a safer and less volatile alloy of Rune Iron.

Geology & Geography

Rune Iron is found in its ore form exclusively within the Ironback Mountains.

History & Usage


Rune Iron was discovered when an ore of it was mistaken for regular iron ore and when attempted to be mined, it gave off blue sparks when struck by a pickaxe.

Everyday use

Rune Iron is not commonly used. It is prohibitively expensive requiring vast amounts of wealth to purchase even small quantities and Rune Iron is itself so difficult to work with that not many items are made of it.


Rune iron is usually smelted in to Rune Steel which is far less volatile alloy of Rune Iron.


Rune Iron is immensely difficult to work with. During the smelting process to remove impurities the ore exudes huge amounts of heat and turns the flames of the smelter blue. Upon cooling the mettle releases its heat in bursts and surges instead of smoothly. When Rune Iron is hammered it gives off powerful shock waves which are dangerous to those around and can have unforeseen magical bursts such as fire or extreme cold which can prove dangerous to unprepared smiths. It is recommended that smiths wishing to work with Rune Iron first ensure their forges and smelters are sufficiently reinforced to deal with the extra heat and powerful shock waves which will be released. it is also sensible for smiths to wear flame retardant, warm and electrically insulating clothes to ensure that they are not killed in any magical outbursts from the iron when they attempt to work with it.


Trade & Market

Rune Iron is not sold as it is not particularly sought after. Instead it is made in to Rune Steel which is far easier to work with and almost as magically potent. Rune Iron is sold on rare occasions to experienced rune smiths wishing to attempt a particularly difficult enchantment.


Rune Iron is highly valuable and is protected with many guards and defenses. Whilst the Rune Iron itself is dangerous so long as it is not struck whilst it is relatively cool then there is little danger.

A single ton of Rune Iron ore, unrefined would be worth the entirety of most human cities.
Rune Iron is exceptionally rare and found only in the Ironback mountains
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