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Kazak Dran

"Close the gate!" The cry travelled along the parapet, took up by the other dwarves. The horn tower let out a long mournful note that reverberated up the mountain. An answering horn from the lake above echoed back down the cliff as a rush of water was released upon the counterweights of the gate. As they filled with lake water the gates began to swing closed. Slowly and ponderously the great steel doors swung closed and with a dull boom, they shut. "Lets see the green-skins get in now"   The city of Kazak Dran is the oldest dwarf hold in the world and the most wealthy. Acting as a gateway between the dwarven holds of the Ironback mountains and the human realms, Kazak Dran benefits from the trade between these two peoples. Whilst dwarven goods are almost never allowed outside of dwarven hands, a great deal of raw materials such as iron and coal are traded as well as many precious items such as gemstones and gold. The dwarves of Kazak Dran are partial to trade goods such as paper and lumber which are difficult to aquire within the Mountains.


  • 80% Mountain Dwarf
  • 15% Hill Dwarf
  • 3% Gnome
  • 2% Other
The population of Kazak Dran enjoy far more average wealth than those living in other dwarf holds, which in general are far better off than human populations.


Kazak Dran is run as a Dwarven elective monarchy, with each of the clan leaders holding council to elect a new King.


The city is well protected from external incursions by the towers and exterior wall at the city gate. Any army would need to pass the outer wall which is 15 feet thick and 40 feet tall. After surmounting this they must then pass throughout the 300 metre killing ground between the outer wall and the city gate proper. The city gate itself, whilst almost never closed, is 5 feet thick solid steel and operated by water wheels which can be connected and disconnected to open and close the gate. Upon entering the city itself, intruders will be faced with numerous open walkways, overlooked by firing platforms and interspersed with drawbridges and long drops. Kazak Dran has never been taken by a foreign army.


Kazak Dran is famed for its wealth of metals and precious gemstones within its mines. These are utilised by the many guilds of craftsmen within the city to make wondrous items available to be traded with other dwarf holds. It is rare that dwarven goods are passed outside of dwarven hands.


A complex rail system is laid out throughout Kazak Dran allowing goods and citizens to be moved quickly throughout the sprawling underground city. This network is also utilised within the mines to ensure speedy delivery of ores and gems to the forges.

Guilds and Factions

Kazak Dran is host to numerous guilds for almost any profession imaginable. Foremost amongst these are the guilds of smiths, rune smiths, engineers and lore masters who hold the most wealth and power within the city.

Underground / Vault
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Ironback Mountains
Falf Black-Hammer
Owning Organization
The Moot
Characters in Location
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