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Paths: World of Adia

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  Adia. A young living world that shifts and grows even as the Fire Eternal creates those that live upon her surface. This planet of extremes is in constant flux as its three moons influence the magical Spirit that flows between Adia and all of her living creatures. From the frozen reaches of the north to the shifting deserts of the south and all of the lush beauties and hidden dangers between, Adia and her magic can be felt in the very air. Perhaps it is the tang of new life and the distant groan of continents not yet formed that drew you here in the first place. In Paths: World of Adia, players adopt the role of a denizen of this rich, multicultural world who has decided to embrace and pursue their goals to become more than just another face in the crowd.  

Adventuring in Adia

  Walenhyde is temperate only in its weather. Here, closest to Nethandre Star Kingdom, the political landscape shifts and changes as if overnight. You will find Walenhyde home to a range of races from the stoutest Tuskaar to the swiftest Courser, along with their successes, passions, exultations, failures, anguish, and sorrows. Though the races were created to live in unity, it is apparent that 200 years is time enough for war and strife to infect their shared histories. On your journey, you will likely meet those that fought in the old wars against demons, themselves, and one another.   Though the Factions of old are said to be nothing more than history, it is far from forgotten as those that belong to the Kinsworn and the Society continue to work within the more familiar alliances. Among the youth, these tensions are less palpable though recent events have unearthed old animosities between elders and their peers.   Those that adventure in Walenhyde will find no shortage of places to explore or dangers to face. Friend and foe alike span from the oppressive heat of the Tassradan Jungle to the jagged peaks of the once demon-infested Mountains of Whispers. Some travelers may seek to study the local creatures; those out to find a harmless Bibbit should be wary not to disturb the nest of a Hydra or stumble into a Spike-Tailed Adder.

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