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Zakina Kociak-Falenmir

Written by rarestereocats

Queen Zakina Mariellis Kociak (a.k.a. Kina, Rumbles, Kiki, Queena)

A catfolk born and raised in the countryside of Florence. She took up adventuring to quell the restless wanderlust in her soul, but was instead pulled into a war between two nations. It was there that she met new friends and turned her life around for the better. Zakina is now a proud mother and wife, a famed author, and the queen of The Isles of Basilla.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

While not physically strong, Kina is incredibly dexterous, double-jointed, and able to contort her body without much effort. She is pear shaped with a slender upper body and a thicker, lightly toned lower body. She's healthy, athletic, and doesn't fall ill often.

Body Features

Her left ear is pierced twice. She has a rune of protection tattooed on the back of her neck and has a matching tattoo with Rikius of maple leaves and lilac flowers on her right wrist. Her body has several markings scattered about it and a soft patch of fur on her chest.

Facial Features

She has a long face dotted with freckles. Her eyes are bright and large and she has a hooked nose. She has plump, heart-shaped lips that are usually painted in some shade of purple. Her jawline is heart-shaped as well.

Identifying Characteristics

Her big, bright eyes and cat-like ears that seem too big for her head. Kina's tail is usually the center of people's attention, as well as her incredibly short stature compared to her family and friends.

Physical quirks

Gives someone her full attention when they're speaking, doing so by turning her body to face them or leaning in close. Kina likes to be physically close to people in general, always sidling up beside friends and family or following closely behind them. She's incredibly short and very emotive, so it's hard for her to hide what she's feeling. She's also much warmer than most mortals because catfolk naturally have a higher body temperature.

Special abilities

  • She is capable of turning invisible at will, can teleport through shadows, and she's able to pin enemies in place by stepping into their shadow. Failure to escape her leaves them open to possession.
  • She never leaves tracks behind and can travel through hazardous or diffiult terrain without being slowed down.
  • Can read the minds of sentient creatures, and can transfer someone's magical effects to herself by striking them, as well as learn their weaknesses through supernatural means.
  • Earned a telepathic bond with Rikius during the Trials of Xibalba, gifted a permanent planar adaption to the Plane of Time as well as a permanent "tongues" effect from Pandemonius, and gained an extended lifespan from a wish granted by Sabella.
  • She's constantly under the effects "non-detection" and "hide aura" due to a trade she made in the Library of Forbidden Knowledge.

Apparel & Accessories

Dresses in very feminine and fun clothes. Not fond of pants, so she prefers dresses and skirts, usually with leggings or thigh high socks underneath. She doesn't shy away from bold patterns or bright colors, topping every outfit off with a necklace and bracelets.

Specialized Equipment

  • Storm's Blessing: A mythic weapon that was crafted by Lucky Kociak. They're a set of caps for her claws, allowing her to sneak attack anything, including creatures that are immune to precision damage. Each hit adds an electric jolt to her attacks, bypassing energy resistances due to its mythical nature.
  • Mask of Lochoria: Taken from the village of Ankasi after the party had dreams of Lochoria's impending death. They used the mask to find and save her. It's now used as Kina's main means of communicating with Iolond.
  • The Flourished Feather: Nothing of great importance, but still an item she treasures. When writing with it, everything appears to be written in a beautiful, cursive font.
  • Tenshi: A cat-shaped psicrystal that's been repurposed for communication and scouting.
  • Magic Carpet: A small, ornate rug that's able to fly via magical enchantments. It's able to fit two medium-sized creatures comfortably. It once belonged to the lich, Nariah Semiri.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The firstborn of former gangsters, Zakina had an upbringing wrought with physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her mother. Asri wanted an heir to her madness, but Kina was far too emotional to fall in line with her twisted beliefs. Even after being tortured and left for dead, Kina's compassion never faltered. She made a promise to herself and those around her that she would never be like Asri. Because of her mother's neglect, Kina took on a maternal role to her younger sisters. On her 16th birthday, Asri gifted her an heirloom dagger and disappeared the next day.   No matter what Kina did, she was consumed by the same restless spirit that haunted her mother. She joined her cousin, on the road with the Belladonnas. This led to a few years of a toxic relationship with a tengu named, Valerie. Said relationship fell apart completely after Catrina died under mysterious circumstances. Kina bore witness to Catrina's death and was forever scarred by it. It was years of heartbreak for Zakina. Valerie was pregnant with their child, only to claim that she had a miscarriage in order to keep Kina away. Krag wouldn't allow her to come home due to her rampant drug use, and Triss, who she looked up to as a mentor, quietly turned her back on everything in her grief.   With nothing left to lose, Zakina embraced her wanderlust and set out to find the fabled "city of nobodies". It was in Nevarre that she befriended an archdruid despite the other residents xenophobia. For a year, Grendishi nursed Kina back to health. Unable to live within the village, Zakina made the trek back to Florence and unfortunately relapsed. While out buying drugs, she witnessed a terrorist attack during a city parade. In all of the chaos, she met several people who would go on to become close friends of hers, namely Industria and Elathera.   They worked together to apprehend those responsible for the bombing and uncovered plans for more attacks in the city. Kina was recruited into the Caelsimilan military, where she met Samuel and her eventual husband, Rikius. She sobered up, saw the war through until its official end, and was present for the treaty that was signed between Caelsimil and Teme-Rasadar. After the war concluded, she was reunited with Catrina, who was resurrected by Industria and Elathera. She was also reunited with the child she thought she had lost years prior. She got to meet and befriend her ancestor Lucky.   Zakina is now a loving wife and mother, and a published author most known for her series "Destiny's Dwelling". She's a member of the Grove of Foxes, which is a secret society that aims to preserve artistic works of historical or scientific importance. She's the proprietor of Chasing Tales, a book store and writing workshop in Florence and also runs an orphanage in the city. After her part in an insurrection on the Isles of Basilla, she's the current queen, ruling the nation alongside her husband.

Gender Identity





Unable to afford proper schooling, Zakina was homeschooled by her grandparents and occasionally her older cousin. Besides reading and writing, she was taught basic survival skills, including how to live off of the land. Her education was never primarily focused on a few core skills, allowing her to be well-rounded in many different skills. She has extensive knowledge about dungeoneering and engineering, as animal rearing.


  • Mercenary (3 years)
  • Military (2 years)
  • Fiction and Non-Fiction Writer (Ongoing)
  • Queen of the Basilla Isles (Ongoing)

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Was a successful spy and soldier in the Caelsimilan military, aiding them in winning the war.
  • Put an end to her mother's madness and defeated a goddess to save a friend's soul.
  • Became a published author, rising in fame quickly with Destiny's Dwelling and the later publishing of Undead of the Realms.
  • Received hugs from several divine beings including Sabella, Iolond, Cato, Altamere, Bibiana, and Pandemonius.
  • Helped in taking down several powerful liches, including Ariamis and Milan.
  • Came into possession of a powerful artifact that once belonged to a goddess and now helps her keep in contact with Iolond directly.
  • Succeeded in overthrowing the corrupted government of Basilla and taking on the role of its queen in order to found the Basillian Council.
  • Befriended a great wyrm cloud dragon, the Great Vasuki, during the Trials of Xibalba.
  • Was part of a successful raid on the Library of Forbidden Knowledge, which later helped her and a few others do the impossible and travel to the Plane of Time.
  • Offered a powerful magic item to Iolond in exchange for severing Yanca's connection to magic entirely, ridding the world of the threat of the Baba Yaga permanently.
  • Was the one to get the killing blow on the ruler of Hell, Asmodeus.

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Was addicted to drugs for several years and suffered from several curses due to her complicated bloodline. One such curse made her a beacon for misfortune and tragedy.
  • Had many near death experiences while serving in the military, the worst being the time she was attacked and flayed by a wendigo.
  • Found herself trapped in a torture chamber in the Underdark due to her own mistakes, leading Elathera into a near death experience of her own when she came to save her.
  • She was assassinated by a remnant of the Cult of Destruction, voiding her status as Lucky's phylactery and putting their life at risk.
  • Died during the Trial of Darkness in Xibalba after trying to read rune inscribed on a rock, which was very obviously a trap.
  • Was the one to deliver the killing blow on the teenage aspect of Yanca, who held the key needed in order to prevent the Baba Yaga from regenerating.

Mental Trauma

  • Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Anxiety Disorder- Phobias of fire and abandonment.
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Nightmare Disorder
  • ADHD
  • Sensory Processing Disorder

Intellectual Characteristics


Morality & Philosophy

  • Promises are everything and are never to be broken.
  • Compassion and community above anything else.
  • Breaking the rules is more than okay if it's for the right reason.
  • Telling a lie every once in awhile isn't necessarily harmful.
  • Killing another is justifiable if your life is in danger or to protect the ones you love.
  • Never turn a blind eye to someone in need.
  • Corruption should be weeded out by all means and never left to grow.
  • An act of kindness shouldn't have strings attached.


Violence and abuse that targets children or animals, mistreating the poor, eye contact that is non-existent or relentless, touching someone's tail without their permission, denying help to those in need, and offering catnip to catfolk out of ignorance.

Personality Characteristics


Kina is driven by her natural curiosity of the world around her and its' people. Cursed with wanderlust, she can't bring herself to settle down even if she really wants to. Besides, the world is full of amazing sights and interesting adventures to be had. She doesn't want to miss a second of it. Beyond that, she's driven by her need to make herself useful and help those in need. There will always be those less fortunate than her, but they won't have to suffer so long as she's around. Kina lives her life intending to leave the world a much better place than it was before she got there.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Kina is a jack-of-all trades. She's a talented writer with knowledge of all sorts, and she always finds a way to keep that knowledge relevant in her life. When it comes to crafting disguises, Kina's skill is nearly on par with an illusion spell. This lends itself well to costume designing, though she doesn't do seamstress work often. Despite her endearing awkwardness, she's quick-witted and able to manipulate people or situations to her advantage. Parkour isn't something she's formally trained in, but was self-taught as a habit to get around the city faster.   Kina's very observant, able to hear and see things that most people can't. Nothing goes unnoticed around her, which she finds to be a blessing and a curse. She finds it easy to read people to a point where it's downright unnatural. She's also impossibly stealthy, making it difficult for anyone to keep tabs on her. Kina has terrible impulse control and it gets her into trouble often. Magic, despite being surrounded by it, is a subject she struggles to comprehend. While she understands the basics, more complex ideas involving magic are beyond her. She also has a tendency to run her mouth and doesn't like being told what to do.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes grape juice, trains, knick-knacks, cats, gemstones, butterflies, sweets, deer, ear rubs, flowers, and hugs. Dislikes being the center of attention, leeches, cold weather, being doubted by others, noisy environments, and creepy crawlies. Favorite colors are teal, violet, and bubblegum pink. Her favorite scents are candied fruits, violets, jasmine, and cookies.

Virtues & Personality perks

Zakina is an openly friendly and affectionate person, the latter being especially true for those she considers her friends. She's nurturing, always fretting over the well-being of her loved ones. While she may not be book smart, she's very wise and knowledgeable when it comes to day to day life and survival. She's incredibly loyal to those she cares about and is willing to throw her life on the line for them in any circumstance. To say that she's passionate would be an understatement as her determination and resilience are quite intense to some. Kina is generous with both her time and wealth, always willing to lend a hand to those in need. She's afflicted with boundless creativity and an adventurous soul that makes it hard for her to settle down.

Vices & Personality flaws

Zakina is very emotional and at times, overwhelming to deal with. Even if her emotions are genuine, the display of them can come across as a show of dramatics to earn attention. She tends to be set in her ways, leading her to be quite stubborn when she feels justified in doing something or holding onto a certain belief. Patience is a virtue that eludes her and she's impulsive, hardly stopping to think about the consequences of her actions for the sake of instant gratification. She's oftentimes immature and naive. Kina's intensity leads her to be obsessive in nature once she sets her mind to something.

Personality Quirks

She tends the chew on her bottom lip when she's anxious and also giggles out of nervousness. She fiddles with the hem of her clothes a lot, usually as a self-soothing behavior. When she's truly relaxed around someone, she purrs.


Kina goes above and beyond when it comes to personal hygiene.  She bathes every other day,  moisturizes her skin in the morning and night,  and makes sure that her mane and tail are maintained at all times.  Perfume is a must for her and she tends to enjoy sweet scents with floral undertones.


Contacts & Relations

Family Ties

Religious Views

While she considers herself spiritual, Kina doesn't adhere to any religion in particular. The time and effort it takes for it to have a substantial impact on her life is stressful and she'd rather do other things. Even meeting some of the gods themselves hasn't swayed her to practice any faith. She may give offerings to some, but she considers these entities allies and friends rather than someone to be worshiped.

Social Aptitude

She's a highly introverted individual, but thoroughly enjoys spending time with others. She's awkward and lacks certain social graces due to her upbringing. While it may be unnerving and annoying to some, it mostly works in her favor as it comes across as endearing; making her vulnerable and approachable. Kina has an infectious sort of optimism, even in stressful situations, and is openly friendly to most.

Hobbies & Pets

Her hobbies include writing, acrobatics, yoga, collecting knick-knacks, and dress-up. As for pets, she has two. Muffin, a fluffy cat found as a stray when he was a kitten. He knows a few tricks, is hyperactive, and incredibly protective when it comes to Kina's children. Sweet Pea is a squirrel familiar she gained while traveling through Limbo.


Voice Claim: Ashley Johnson
  • Kina has a standard, American accent and her speaking style is as chaotic as she is. Her voice is on the higher side, though she'll play with the pitch dramatically when under stress or trying to emphasize her point. It sometimes comes across as squeaky. She curses like a sailor, her favorite being "fuck", and she has no qualms about swearing in public or dignified places. Anyone who tries to tell her it's trashy or inappropriate will earn an f-bomb exclusively for themselves.


Zakina Kociak-Falenmir

Wife (Vital)

Towards Rikius Falenmir



Rikius Falenmir

Husband (Vital)

Towards Zakina Kociak-Falenmir




Zakina was a strange, obnoxious thorn in Rikius' side at first. Being that she was the only one to show him compassion rather than coldness or tense cordiality after his life was flipped upside down, he started to quietly appreciate her company. Her affections were overwhelming and he pushed them away at first, but after months of casually fooling around, the pair officially became a couple over one too many glasses of wine.   Rikius was surprised at himself for initiating and Kina was utterly convinced he was pulling her leg and would run for the hills any day now. They weren't public with their relationship at first, but it wasn't hard for anyone to figure out after a certain point. They've been through hell and back with one another, always looking out for each other. After a few years and two kids, the pair got married.   They have their spats as all couples do, but at the end of the day, these two would die for each other.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Rikius is very fond of learning about magic and because of how often he talks about it, Kina has also grown extremely curious about it. Beyond that, they both enjoy each other's company, even when there's nothing but a comfortable silence between them. Wine is another favorite of the couple's, especially when paired with a quiet evening full of gentle touches and sweet nothings. They also enjoy reading and doing yoga together.

Shared Acquaintances

Paxton, who was a lonely doppelganger they met while trudging through the swamps days out from Florence. He's small, kind, and awkward. He will ramble on about anything and everything. He's also a necromancer and was once in a cult devoted to Vecna. Now he spends his time traveling to collect knowledge on all sorts of things, but makes sure to visit the couple often.

Legal Status


Zakina Kociak-Falenmir

older sister (Vital)

Towards Sanna and Sirqi



Sanna and Sirqi

younger sisters (Vital)

Towards Zakina Kociak-Falenmir



Chaotic Good
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Queen of the Basilla Isles
Former Spymaster
Agent of Chaos
21 (start)
34 (current)
Date of Birth
May 11th
Circumstances of Birth
An unexpected, but happy accident.
Circumstances of Death
Assassinated by a remnant of the Cult of Destruction.
Read necril runes in the Trials of Xibalba.
Florence, Caelsimil
Rikius Falenmir (Husband)
Sanna and Sirqi (younger sisters)
Current Residence
Dark green irises and bright green sclera.
Very long, wavy, and chocolate brown.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Warm skin dotted with brown and cream markings, as well as freckles.
85 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I have a whole universe inside my mind."
"Don't use the words 'I promise' lightly."
"I'll survive. Somehow I always do."
"Take the risk or lose the chance."
"I'll get over it, I just gotta be dramatic first."
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Catfolk, common, orc, draconic, sylvan, celestial, thieves' cant, elven, necril, infernal, and drow sign language.
kina neck tattoo with watermark.png
by Frankie V.
Rune of Protection Tattoo
Rikina Tattoo with watermark.png
by Frankie V.
Matching Wrist Tattoo with Rikius

Character Portrait image: by Frankie V.


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