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Xaren Myrin'ta

Abbot Tallana Myrin'ta (a.k.a. Xaren)

Xaren is a drow monk and the abbot of a religious monastery in Florence. Native to the Underdark, he left for the surface and joined the Caelsimil Crusade against Teme-Rasadar, where he fought for Caelsimil.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Xaren was born to an influential family in the drow Underdark. Assigned female at birth, he was expected to fulfill a similar role as his sisters- that is, as a sadistic priestess devoted to the wicked Mother of Malice, Velevana. Instead, fate had different plans. He stood out from his sisters in attitude and behavior, something his mother tried to correct with various punishments- to no avail. He quietly resented his place in society, and spent many evenings away from the manor with his brothers and his father Antony Myrin'ta, dreaming of one day escaping to the surface together.   When his mother discovered the truth of his frequent disappearances, she viciously murdered Faren and Taren for his transgressions, and locked Xaren in sensory deprivation as punishment for the betrayal. Here, he came face-to-face with the Spider Queen herself and struck a deal that left him on borrowed time. She granted him the gift of a new body, and the freedom to leave the Underdark on the condition that when the Caelsimil Crusade against Teme-Rasadar was over, she would claim his soul.   Within a few weeks he found himself in Florence with a new body and nowhere to go. Soon after, he took shelter in the local monastery and began training as a monk. With the ongoing conflict between nations, he was recruited into the military alongside the Beautiful Girl Squad, dividing his time between his duties to his newfound country and to his monastic order. When the war came to a close, he quietly slipped away from his companions to face his fate once more, alone in the Underdark.   Despite his apparent wishes, it wasn't long before his friends, led by Antony Myrin'ta, followed after, seeking to cripple the goddess and save Xaren's soul. Once reunited, they hatched a plan which he allowed himself to be caught and tortured by his sister to divert her attention away from the party, who scoured the manor for resources in the form of knowledge and a safe place to recover for Zakina Kociak-Falenmir, who had fallen unconscious after coming into direct contact with a phylactery. He was freed from the torture soon after by his friends and the resurrected aasimar Vihrea. After slaying Viene for good,they destroyed the priestess academy in Nefelheim (along with most of the rest of the city) to attract the goddess's attention.   Once she was defeated, Xaren's soul should have been set free. Instead, in his journey he learned his soul was still in somebody's shackles. The lich Lucky Kociak revealed that he was a reincarnation of their former lover, sacrificed to achieve lichdom and bound via necromantic ritual to return to the undead catfolk's side for all of eternity. While they were excited, Xaren harbored resentment toward them for what they had done. He kept his distance from the lich, and one day Lucky freed him once-and-for-all, wishing away the curse that kept his soul in shackles.   This allowed Xaren the opportunity to devote his time and energy into the erection of a new monastery, dedicated to the providing a home for the drow displaced in the destruction of Nefelheim. He married Samuel and together, the two adopted Mizri Myrin'ta. He has since settled down in the last decade, his family and his responsibilities taking precedence over adventuring, but he still considers the party good friends.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Xaren successfully escaped the Underdark and made it to the surface, though this was achieved through a deal with the very goddess he had despised. With his newfound freedom, he trained in a monastery, honing his skills and gaining mastery over his physical and spiritual well-being as a formidable monk.   He played a role in the eventual resolution of the Crusades, helping the party as they had peace talks and drafted a treaty with their former foes. It was eventually decided that the two countries would undergo unification and allow for the freedom of both to practice their religions in peace.   He eventually reunited with his father Antony, and visited his brothers Faren and Taren in the Elysian Fields.   After willingly undergoing torture at her hands, Xaren killed his sister Viene. Afterwards, he defeated Velevana, therefore freeing himself from an eternity under the heel of the evil goddess and claiming his soul for himself.   He built a monastery for displaced drow as they migrated from the Underdark to the surface, giving them shelter and a safe place to adjust to a new society. His monastery has an outreach program that also assists the drow in finding permanent homes and occupations so that they can eventually support themselves and integrate into society completely.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Xaren is decisive and actionable, a man of deeds rather than words. As an ally, he is loyal and quietly supportive. He has a charitable nature and a strong sense of personal responsibility that guides his choices and actions.

Vices & Personality flaws

Seemingly cold and emotionally distant, as well as obstinant and rigid. He can be stern and has difficulty opening up to others due to his upbringing. He is guarded and often suspicious, and he does not accept help easily.
Lawful Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Monk, Abbot
Long and white, usually kept in a braid
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Ashy gray
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Oh, dear."
"Don't follow me. I've made my choice."
"I'm not very good at telling people how I feel."
"What, pray tell, the fuck?"

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