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United Lands of Caelsimil Teme-Rasadar


The empire of the United Lands of Caelsimil Teme-Rasadar is made of three administrative areas, the historical regions of Caelsimil, Teme-Rasar, and the Administrative Zone. Each of these areas operate in a federative style, electing their own leaders, commanding their own military, and collecting their own taxes.


Formed following the Caelsimil Crusade against Teme-Rasadar, originally two separate nations under what was retroactively deemed the first Senate with Industria Cellini serving as senator of Florence. The senate accepted the proposed Unification Treaty and elected itself into creation as the discretion of its member states. An early major point of contention was reparations and damages to what would become the Administrative Zone. A compromise was reached where it was agreed for its aggression Teme-Rasadar would lose the Administrative Zone and pay reparations to the newly formed government- but these reparations would be spent wholly on rebuilding their former territory.
A blue flag with a deep red stripe and a white stripe. In the upper left corner sits a sun. In the upper right, a red and orange shield bearing the image of a poppy flower. In the center is a white, full moon, 5 mountain peaks below
by Kal V
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
United Lands
Government System
Democracy, Direct
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
Grand Senate of the United Lands
Executive Body
Council of Faces
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Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members
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