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Triss Palomar

Trista Nadia Palomar (a.k.a. Triss)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Triss is the daughter of a stonemason and his proud military wife. She grew up alongside Catrina Karith and after several months, the two were inseparable. So when Catrina floated around the idea of getting a group together to hit the road, Triss was onboard immediately. By the time they were teenagers, the two were in a romantic relationship. Triss became a constant in Zakina Kociak-Falenmir's life and when she joined the Belladonnas, Triss became a mentor figure to her.   She taught Kina thieves cant and many practical skills a rogue would need. While Asri taught Kina how to kill, Triss taught her how to defend herself without killing someone by targeting their weak spots. After Catrina's death and Kina's eventual disappearance, Triss left Florence behind with the intention of committing suicide. She was captured by hags before she had the chance to do anything and was kept as a prisoner for months. A man who happened to be the captain of the guard in a forest village was captured on the same day and the two became trench buddies. They suffered through horrific torture that left them shattered mentally and physically. When the opportunity presented itself, the two escaped and fled into the forest.   The hags closed in on them and in her panicked state, self-preservation came before anything else. Triss shot a bolt into the guard's knee, crippling him and providing a distraction so she could get away. After running for days, she found herself in the village of Barley and realized she had doomed them all. People asked of the guard's fate, but Triss feigned ignorance, and after being patched up, she reluctantly joined the guards. Given her experience, she was quickly promoted to captain. It was a position she felt obligated to fill for what she did to the former captain, but once she was reunited with Kina and the village was destroyed by the hags, she didn't return after its reconstruction.   Her and Catrina were married shortly after. The two travel quite often, sometimes hoping they'll be able to get their former party back together. The pair owned an old bloodhound named Ladybird who has since passed away. Zakina and Rikius gifted them a mini schnauzer and she was given the name Doodle.

Gender Identity




Personality Characteristics


Triss acts on a sense of responsibility and duty, which was instilled in her from a young age thanks to her mother. While she operates outside of the law if it better helps the people around her, she doesn't make an intentional effort to break the law.
Neutral Good
Current Location
Date of Birth
June 9th
Current Residence
Honey brown.
Shoulder length, kinky, and black. Kept in braids.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Cool, dark brown.
100 lbs
Aligned Organization

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