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The Whispering Woods

On the island of Caro within the Isles of Basilla is a vast, tangled jungle. The Whispering Woods, as its called, are steeped in mystery and have become the subject of many stories that have been passed down through catfolk families for centuries. On the southern tip of Caro, there's the ruins of an ancient temple devoted to the Wild Huntress or as the tourists call her, the Cat Lord. With the few expeditions into the Whispering Woods, it's said the temple was home to a cult of tribals that wanted to appease the Huntress to keep her wrath from returning to the Material Plane.   Time went on and tribes intermingled and separated into new groups, steadily populating the surrounding islands and leaving Caro behind. The cult became a forgotten memory as did their malicious deity. All that remains inside of the ruins are the bones of animals that were sacrificed in her name. The few tribes that still call Caro home avoid straying too far into the Whispering Woods, fearing that treading on the Huntress' territory would bring ill fortune upon their bloodline. Those brave enough to step foot into the jungle have returned with a newfound paranoia and unwillingness to speak of what they've witnessed.   In recent times, the Whispering Woods have become a popular tourist attraction. Due to the potential dangers, no authority is willing to take responsibility for what happens beyond the shores of Caro. If someone's foolish enough to seek out adventure in cursed lands, any trial they face is their problem and theirs alone. While most come out unscathed, there have been many disappearances in the Whispering Woods. It's not uncommon to see mercenary bands on the island, either hired to seek out the ruins or the remains of its victims.   If one enters the jungle, it would be wise to ignore the faint whispers around every tree. Any attempts to listen in will ensure that a traveler never returns home.
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