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The Isles of Basilla

In the northern seas beyond Caelsimil sits the archipelago of Basilla. It's a tropical climate and situated near a dormant, underwater volcano. The isles are the native homeland of the Catfolk. It boasts a population of 25 million catfolk, the rest of the population being a small number of elves and gnomes. It's usually referred to as "Basilla" as a whole, but tourists affectionately call it "Kitty-cat Island", much to the dismay of the catfolk that live there.   Basilla is one of very few fruit-bearing lands within that region of the tropics. Bananas are by far the biggest export food wise as bananas grown on Basilla tend to have a better flavor profile. They carry a sweet scent reminiscent of vanilla and honey and taste just as sweet too. This candied flavor is at its best when the bananas haven't fully ripened yet. Another big export of theirs is Basillian Tobacco.   The flag of the isles is as vibrant as its people, depicting the sun with a crescent moon inside of it. Interestingly enough, Basilla is one of few nations that does not ban necromancy.


The archipelago consists of 49 islands and islets. Six of the major islands are inhabited by a modern society while the remaining two are untamed wilds that are home to tribal catfolk.

Ecosystem Cycles

Basilla is a tropical monsoon climate and as such, only has a wet and a dry season. The wet season is host to frequent rainfall and storms, usually accompanied by high winds and deadly currents. Waterspouts aren't uncommon, so the surrounding sea sees less activity during this season to avoid danger. While the weather during this time is extreme, it helps the local plant and wildlife flourish, which leads to a much more prosperous dry season. The dry season is longer by several months and doesn't see nearly as much rainfall. Some years, it sees little to no rain at all.   Temperatures on Basilla range from a comfortable average to hot and humid, changing on a day to day basis. While monsoons aren't unheard of in these parts, they generally die down into a thunderstorm by the time they reach land.

Fauna & Flora

Jaguars are a common sight in the jungles of Basilla, as well as ocelots, anteaters, sloths, and lemurs. Anacondas, while the subject of many urban legends to keep children out of the jungles, are uncommon. They were nearly hunted to extinction for their skin and venom, but have seen a steady increase in their population after tribal catfolk started to chase hunters off of their islands. Colorful frogs are to be admired from afar because they're all poisonous to some degree.   Peacocks have pushed inward into the cities and towns of Basilla over the past six centuries. Nobles liked to keep them in their gardens and over time, the peacock population went unchecked. It's incredibly common to see them wandering about populated areas. Deep in the jungles, one can find a plethora of colorful birds such as toucans and parrots.   Giant tarantulas are popular with tourists due to the stories that have spread far and wide. While the stories paint them as massive arachnids that one could ride, they're actually about the size of a puppy and make birds their favored meal. With so much plant life, it isn't surprising that Basilla is home to over a thousand different types of fungi. One such fungi is a psychedelic used to make a drug called "Morning Glory".

Natural Resources

Tobacco, sugar, fish, sapphires, rubies, amethyst, iron ore, copper, and bananas.


Many tourists arrive during the dry season as it's also the "festival" season. With Basilla being so colorful, one of the more popular festivals is the Starlight Arts, Beats, & Feasts. It's a large festival packed with all sorts of arts such as paintings and jewelry. It lasts three days and has music performed throughout. Many bakers and chefs set up stalls on the festival grounds, allowing tourists to try cuisines that are local to the islands. Another popular event is the Cigar Festival.
A light pink flag with a dark pink stripe running horizontally in the center. The stripe is bordered on the top and bottom by a blue line. Centered in the flag is a blue circle with a stylized golden sun, which contains the
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