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The Disciples of Ruin

The Disciples of Ruin was a cult devoted to the Nameless One centuries ago. Their influence was felt all over the northern continent, especially in the city of Felidae. People were drawn to the cult due to a need to survive. Poverty was an epidemic in these parts, which left many starving and falling ill. Many children were left orphans after their families succumbed to the plague. They were prime picking for the senior members of the Disciples and as such, children were disappearing in droves.   The younger the better. They were raised in the cult and abused into believing that the cult were the saviors of a world that was destined to die without them. The Nameless One is painted as the world's true salvation and its followers are responsible for purifying the land for its coming. The children are taught to fight, gaining extensive combat skills as well as some magic. They're given a basic education to help them navigate the world around them. While they're allowed to advance their education on their own time, the cult keeps them somewhat sheltered. It's a precaution to lower the risk of its followers learning the true nature of the Nameless One and the purpose of the Disciples of Ruin.   On a follower's 16th birthday, they've earned their scriptures. It's a painful process that binds their soul to the Nameless One. Their bodies are branded with ancient texts of their god through scarification. The scars are then infused with abyssal magic, sealing the contract and ensuring the Nameless One can claim their souls upon death. It's then that they've proven their worth and are ready to undertake the task of ridding the world of corruption.   The Disciples of Ruin earned their name after their brutal attacks and fearmongering throughout Felidae and the neighboring cities. Victims were bound to the Nameless One through a disciple's prayer before they met their end. With so many successful conquests, the Nameless One was thriving off of all of their sacrifices. While the cult managed to claw its way through four centuries, the internal hierarchy was crumbling under the rule of Madeleine Ferus. Once a prized member of their order, Jordeira Ferus, went missing, the cult came to a fiery end.   Madeleine ran the cult into the ground in her pursuit of power, ending the lives of much of the cult. The remaining disciples attempted to rebuild the cult, but their endeavor was a failure. While the Disciples of Ruin are a thing of the past, there's small sects scattered around Caelsimil and neighboring nations. Not much is known of them and their specific practices. With how secretive they are, some doubt that they even exist.


Regular worship is performed alone in a space lit only by a single candle. Disciples mutilate themselves, usually by slicing open their palm and letting the blood run over the candle. If it remains lit, they remain in the Nameless One's good graces. If the candle is snuffed by their blood, they're deemed corrupted. In order to rid themselves of that corruption, worshipers remain locked away in isolation for a week with minimal food and water.

"Cleanse thy blood by fire."

Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
The Children of Catastrophe, the Saviors, and Conclave of Nightmares
Disciples, Saviors
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