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The Creation of the Kosmikos

Before there was Basilla, there was a vast sea of stardust and dark space. This void was active and alive, but was unable to free itself from its primordial chains. From everything and nothing came Junori, the first kosmiko in existence. At first, she simply watched over the nebulae around her, making sure nothing disturbed centuries of untouched potential. She waited so long, hoping that the swirls of colors and energy would give rise to another of her kind.   It never did.   Loneliness plucked at her heart and through these newfound emotions, Junori was gifted magic that she steadily turned into art. She tore her dimension asunder, rebuilding it and decorating it as she pleased. With her divine tail, she painted the night sky, each star holding the beginnings of a soul within them. When she realized that the sea below reflected each star and the bright moon, she excitedly molded a place that her creations could call home.   The Isles of Basilla were formed on the material plane, unleashing a manifestation of its chaotic energy into the form of Kosenta, the Huntress. She was wild and untameable, much like the land itself would prove to be. Bouts of wicked weather slammed the islands often, but Junori had no intention of restraining her creation. Despite Kosenta pleading to live a life of solitude, the stars fell in a magnificent shower, giving birth to a new, mortal generation of kosmiko.   Among this first generation was Iathis, a charming, compassionate soul that Junori found herself quite fond of. While the others were afraid of their newfound existence, Iathis showed no fear. When it became obvious that they were left to their own devices, he approached Kosenta to teach the kosmiko how to survive. While Kosenta longed for silence and isolation, she was honored that Junori's creations needed her help. She agreed to teach them her ways so long as they promised to keep her spirit alive through worship.   Iathis agreed to her terms and for the next few years, the kosmiko lived peacefully alongside the Huntress. She imparted her knowledge of survival onto the young mortals and with time, they had learned how to live off of the land. When their hunts were over, they reserved the best piece for Kosenta, offering her a place within their feasts. All was well, but as time moved on, so did the kosmiko. They had grown to be self-sufficient, no longer needing the goddess' wisdom, and so, Kosenta became nothing more than an afterthought.   She felt betrayed, like she were a forgotten idol. They were ungrateful and took advantage of her generosity. While Junori was pleased with her creations for learning how truly live and thrive within her world, Kosenta resented them. In her anger, she commanded Mount Kabir to erupt and it did so with the force of a vengeful storm. Lightning set the land aflame and trees crumbled away into ash. Boiling water rose from the sea, flooding the islands to leave the kosmikos encamptments in ruins. The sun never rose, the clouds remained gray, and day after day, another innocent life was lost to her wrath.   The survivors found shelter high up in the Painted Mountains. Every night, they were treated to the stars twinkling overhead, a new one appearing with each life lost. Months rolled by and Kosenta had no intention of calming down. Iathis took up arms. It was time that the Huntress be given a taste of her own wickedness. No matter what happened, he was determined to free his people from the chains that bound them. Beneath the starlight, he trekked through the ruined jungle in search of his quarry.   When he found her, he didn't hesitate to strike. For nine long nights, the two battled. Their blood spilled over the battlefield, healing the land beneath their feet. Neither surrendered, but it was enough to keep Kosenta distracted from unleashing another wave of her apocalypse. By the ninth night, Iathis had grown weak and tired. His body couldn't take much more, but so long as he could stand, he would fight. Kosenta went for the killing blow and as she neared, Iathis slashed his blade across her face, marveling at the burst of starlight that exploded on impact. It was a boon from Junori.   The wound was enough to leave Kosenta blind, but she had still managed to claw through Iathis' throat. She fled, running deep into the jungle to rest. Iathis stumbled to the shores, watching as the storms had cleared. Despite the loss of his own life, his people would survive. He collapsed on the spot and was pulled into the sea, his blade being the only possession of his to remain. Upon reaching the start of his journey into the Painted World, he was denied by Junori. He was frustrated that his deeds didn't buy him a peaceful life on the otherside, but she only smiled.   With a flick of her tail, Junori gifted Iathis godhood, giving him a realm beneath the sea so he would always be close to his people. The kosmiko were given magic and creativity for his valiant act, giving them the means to protect themselves from whatever might come. The creativity was to inspire and motivate them, allowing them to be creators much like her and Iathis. Kosenta would reemerge every so often, but she was severely weakened. She was cursed to forever walk the world blind.


"The supreme goddess of the Basillian pantheon, Junori, molded the isles into existence to serve as a home for the kosmikos. The kosmikos were mortals of her design and creation. They were taught to survive off of the land by Kosenta, also known as the Huntress, who was a goddess that was birthed into existence alongside the islands. When worship towards her declined, she unleashed a volcanic eruption and storm of apocalyptic proportions. Many kosmikos were left dead and Iathis was determined to put an end to her wrath. He hunted her down and for nine nights, the two battled violently. While Iathis was struck down, he managed to blind Kosenta with a boon from Junori. His body was washed into the sea and when he was finally face-to-face with Junori, she granted him godhood and gifted the kosmiko magic and creativity."   The myth is an origin story that has been retold and rewritten hundreds of times in catfolk history. Later depictions paint Kosenta as a dark force of nature, some vast unknown that's beyond mortal comprehension. Junori and Iathis' roles seldom change as the two are the most beloved deities in Basillian society. The story is one of survival, compassion, and bravery. It's a shining example of how catfolk should be; always willing to protect their communities no matter the cost.
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