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Sunyeros Elda-Kociak

Sunyeros Elda-Kociak (a.k.a. Sunny, Ro)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sunyeros was born and raised in the slums of Basilla. She was only one of nine children her parents bore in the hopes that one of them would grow up and become wealthy. When she got older, Sunyeros turned her back on her family and lived on the streets as a prostitute. The casinos always had people coming and going, so she had a stable income to provide for herself. It still wasn't enough. She aimed higher, enticing several members of the royal families, but only managing to snag one of them. Jorska Kociak, the son of the Kociak's matriarch, Elavir Kociak.   He was a lonely man afflicted with a terminal illness that not even clerics could cure. A result of Jahangir's curse on his family's bloodline, though he never learned that. Jorska fell for Sunyeros hard and quick, marrying her a month later when he was sure she wasn't just in it for the money. Over time, Sunyeros's manipulative ways had Elavir ousted from the throne so she could take her place. While her husband wasted away, she spun a twisted web to get the other royals eating out of her hands. She gave birth to an heiress, Asri Kociak. She was a terrible mother, molding Asri into a figure of her likeness in case she met her end.   Jorska succumbed to his illness when Asri was a teenager. He cared a great deal for his daughter and the estate was to go to her, but Sunyeros destroyed his will long before he perished so she could maintain her power over the family. Asri was growing into a killer thanks to Elavir's influence. She was Sunyeros's only child, her only claim to the Kociak bloodline. She hurried to marry off her daughter to a rival family, but Asri attacked her suitor and fled to the mainland. Sunyeros's control over Basilla, let alone her own family, was slipping and the relationship between the royals families grew tense.   For decades she held onto her crown, fighting off assassination attempts and accusations with tooth and claw. She was growing older though and while she was skilled with magic, it wouldn't be enough. She struck a deal with Jahangir. She would give him the heirs he desired and he would make sure she remained in power for as long as possible. It was all for nothing though as shortly after giving birth, she was assassinated. Whatever plans she had for the isles were ruined with her and a new government was starting to form in her absence.

Personality Characteristics


Sunyeros was motivated by two things and only those. Greed and power. Having to grow up impoverished left her cold to the world around her and she had no qualms about using people as tools to get her way. Everyone was expendable, even her own daughter.


Jorska Kociak

husband (Vital)

Towards Sunyeros Elda-Kociak



Sunyeros Elda-Kociak

wife (Trivial)

Towards Jorska Kociak



Lawful Evil
Date of Birth
January 1st
Circumstances of Death
Assassinated shortly after the birth of her daughters.
Jorska Kociak (husband)
Dark green with a thin rim of gold around her pupils.
Long, auburn, and always kept in intricate braids.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fair and freckled with a mild tan.
124 lbs

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