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Sharon Milwaukee

Oathmaker Sharon Milwaukee

The former assistant and ex-girlfriend of Rick Thaddeus, the late General of Florence. She also acted as one of the Caelsimilan Military's official Oathmakers.   She was known, infamously, for the invention and implemenation of the Seal of Silence, a brutal method to which Caelsimilan military officials who broke their oaths of secrecy were subject.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sharon grew up in Caelsimil, the oldest of two sisters. She was raised on a prairie by her parents, two down-to-earth but devout followers of Altamere who took pride in their homeland and the struggles of its people. She was taught the values of hard work, perserverance, and how to strive for better while appreciating what you already have. She had a deep appreciation of history and, as she got older, developed in interest in politics.   Some time into adulthood, she left her familiar home for Florence, seeking a position in the political sphere. It was during this time that she met Rick Thaddeus, and the two hit it off. They dated briefly before splitting ways, both more focused on their careers than their relationship with each other. When her campaigning didn't pan out, she joined up with the military instead, ensuring a more secure path to governance.   Through persistence and consistency, she quickly rose through the ranks of the military, eventually being assigned to work alongside her ex-paramour as his assistant and a high-ranking oathkeeper. It landed her a position with relatively high sway and, along with her magic, the ability to easily exert her influence over others. This was put to work during the crusades, where she used mind control to convince the general to torture Rikius during his initial interrogation of the then-enemy. Knowing that the elven man was a bitter and troubled soul, she ensured that he joined the party when they returned to Teme-Rasadar to assassinate his former superior, well aware that he had also undergone torture at the hands of the other general.   Upon completion of the mission and their successful return, she quickly set her sights on the elf once more. Acting sympathetic to the man's growing frustration with the ordeal as a whole, she promised to help him however she could and ultimately ensure his freedom. Instead, she spent the time subtly casting her spell on him, wearing down his mental defenses until he was under her control. When Rikius agreed to submit to another interrogation, he instead walked into Thaddeus's office with his weapon in hand and murdered the general in cold blood.   Sharon ordered for his arrest, and he was immediately taken into custody by the guards. Sharon's strange, detached behavior regarding the death of Thaddeus struck the party as odd, and after some investigation, a different story came to light: that it had been Sharon who orchestrated not only the elf's crime, but his torture as well, in a seeming bid for power. An intense trial ensued some months later that ultimately led to Sharon's execution via guillotine.   In her final words, Sharon maintained that everything she did was for the good of Caelsimil.

Intellectual Characteristics

Sharon was shrewd and resolute, tireless in the pursuit of her responsibilities and goals. In this regard she allowed little distraction, which gave her a low tolerance for mistakes and imperfections. Those who admired her tenacity saw her as a quietly passionate leader who held herself and others up to a high standard of accountability, while others believed her to be cold, inflexible, and harsh.   She was well-studied and especially versed in government, politics, and national history.
Lawful Evil
Circumstances of Death
Public execution by guillotine

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