Session 98: The Beginning of the End

General Summary

The waterfall leads into a cavern with several eyes carved on the walls and ceiling. Industria thinks a natural disaster is in order, forcing Elathera to reverse time as the cave collapses in on us. She possesses the eyes, gathering scrambled letters that eventually spell "Foresight". Using that spell, Elathera finds that our next path will be taking us up a mountain and through a peaceful meadow. In the meadow is a large tree clearly hollowed out and made into a living space. It's a hidden library run by a wyvern named Winnie.   In studying what Winnie has to offer on the Order of the Tenth Circle, we learn that wyverns were used as their original symbol before the order was officially established. Using Astra's notes that I stole, I find our key to solving the puzzle. Two mottos associated with the order are, "The best knowledge must be taken.", and, "Knowledge is transformative.". Winnie holds the information we need and after learning that they're a construct made for the puzzle, Elathera turns them into a book. We return to the protean and finally get to beat their ass for information.   As soon as the protean is defeated, we're teleported into a circular chamber full of pillars that have been carved into statues. Fleur, our time traveling gnome friend, is nowhere to be found. An elven-like aasimar joins us in the chamber, assuring us that we don't have to worry about her. This figure is Rhapsody, a member of the Order of the Tenth Circle. We're invited into the garden the order resides in and tell her about the Scepter of Ages. While the order is dedicated to maintaining balance in the world, Rhapsody and several others are working against Altamere as well.   We're made members of the order and are urged to gather some of our allies to meet with the rest of the order to discuss our plans. Another conversation point will be the fate of Atlantis. We're given two days to gather what we need for the meeting and update Pandemonius, who's thrilled that we managed to find the Order of the Tenth Circle. Among the group joining us in a few days will be Pandemonius, Iolond, Tacitus, Louhi, and Sabella.

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Report Date
28 Aug 2022


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