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Samuel Len

Samuel is a half-orc and native Teme-Rasadan who runs a bakery in Florence along with Elliot and his husband Xaren. A former member of the Teme-Rasadar military, Samuel defected to the Caelsimilian military during a time of personal crisis in the last crusade. He proved to be a valuable ally to the nation, and found a sense of belonging among his squad.   After the conflict ended, he set out with the party to stop the goddess Velevana from claiming his then-boyfriend's soul. With the Mother of Malice defeated, he finally left the adventuring life behind him and used the money he made to open his shop.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Samuel was the first born child of single mother Vanessi Len. A result of sexual violence, the difficult circumstances of his birth hindered her abilty to form a meaningful bond with her son, despite her own efforts. The rest of the family struggled with his heritage, resulting in a sense of isolation for the young boy. At age 8, his mother married Alberto Aldana before giving birth to two more children in the following years. While his step-father was nothing short of kind, the new additions to the family left the boy emotionally neglected.   At age 13, Samuel joined a local militia. While his parents expressed their pride in Samuel, when he left home a year later, it was with the unspoken understanding that he would not be coming back. Throughout the coming years, the only place he found any semblance of acceptance was within th military, where it was common for society's rejects to find a sense of community. That didn't stop the prejudice entirely however, and the mistreatment led to frequent altercations. After turning down a promotion, he was transferred to a new unit led by Commander Rikius Falenmir. The two didn't get along on a personal level, clashing often, but each was able to recognize the other's prowess and capabilities.   Samuel came face-to-face with his biological father on a military assignment to clear out a violent orc encampment. Though the old orc didn't recognize his son, the resemblance was striking, and he knew his name. He was horrified by the brutish behavior his father and the other men displayed, and never told a soul of the encounter. After, he made a concentrated effort to curb his own aggression. This resulted in reclusive behavior as Samuel withdrew entirely from everyone around him.   Without family, friends, or allies, the half-orc found himself drifting through life, only doing enough to survive. Without meaning or purpose, his inner turmoil gave way to evntual apathy, so when he was offered an opportunity for a fresh start by a squad of enemy soldiers in the Caelsimil Crusade against Teme-Rasadar, he defected, figuring he had nothing to lose.   His military knowledge proved valuable, and in his free time, he began visiting temples of the Caelsimilian pantheon, looking for meaning in the spiritual. Industria Cellini was happy to teach him of Sabella and her merciful nature, along with her values of forgiveness and acceptance. Finding them fulfilling, he retained his role as a soldier, making quick friends of his new allies. Beside them, he sought to harbor peace between the new nations.   The endeavor brought many surprises and hardship, and when it came to an official end, he retired from the military. He found love and bought a building in Florence, seeking a new line of work to support him and his new life.


His first job was as a recruit in the Teme-Rasadar military. He stayed there for a few years before voluntarily discharging himself, hoping to find work in another career field. Unfortunately, prospects were slim for the young, inexperienced half-orc, and the jobs he managed to land were all fraught with danger and risk as the military, without any of the security.   He joined the Teme-Rasadan military once more shortly before the crusades began, working under Commander Lydia Falenmir before being transferred to a unit under the direct supervision of Commander Rikius Falenmir.   After defection, he was given a position as a soldier, and then a spymaster in the Caelsimilan Military.   Shortly after the war, he retired to open a bakery in Florence, which he co-owns with Elliot.

Accomplishments & Achievements

A trained and skilled fighter proficient with axes and heavy armor, he was given many opportunities within the Teme-Rasadar military, and was promoted in Caelsimil to the rank of Spymaster. He fought and survived years of war combat with a long list of successful missions under his belt.   After leaving the military, he discovered a passion for baking and, along with his ally Elliot Fairdale, opened a now successful bakery in Florence.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Food is one of his deepest loves, whether it be cooking, baking, or eating it. While he enjoys most food, he has a particular soft spot for sweets after leaving the military. As a former military member, he enjoys physical activities like jogging, swimming, and weightlifting. In his spare time, he also likes to fish and spend cozy evenings in with a cup of coffee in front of a fire. He is fond of cold weather.   He gets along well with children, and is more than happy to be play the role of baby-sitter for his friends.   He's uncomfortable in large crowds and doesn't enjoy being the center of attention. While he is a competent leader, he gets uneasy in positions of direct authority over others. Wide, open spaces have a tendency to make him anxious, though he perfectly comfortable in and even accustomed to cramped quarters.   Due to extended periods of travel and active duty, he can't stand travel rations in any form, preferring not to eat at all if they are his only option. He also hates the nickname "Sam," one he gained in the military and has been eager to put behind him since. He doesn't like wearing socks if he can help it.

Virtues & Personality perks

Samuel is a loyal friend and a very loving and attentive partner. He is perservering, observant, and diligent in his work. He is reliable, humble, and trustworthy.   He is also a effective physical combatant - swift, brutal, and accurate.

Vices & Personality flaws

He is often withdrawn from others and initially distrusting of strangers. He is hampered by self-doubt and shaky self-esteem. He has a tendency to hold grudges for a long time, but he's slowly getting better at letting go and leaving the past where it belongs.   He's prone to over-sleeping and over-eating.


Contacts & Relations

  • Zakina Kociak-Falenmir - Formerly best friends, the two are close to this day. There is a deep level of trust and affection between the pair, and Kina's children think of Samuel as an uncle.
  • Industria Cellini - As the one who gently guided the half-orc to the merciful Sabella, Samuel has a deep respect for and gratitude towards Industria. He considered himself fortunate to know the busy oracle, and believes in her teachings.
  • Elliot Fairdale - The two partnered with each other to open Sweet Tooth. Both gentle souls, they get along well, and Elliot's general optimism brings a touch of positivity to Samuel's life.
  • Sanna and Sirqi - Kina's younger sisters, he is close with both of the twins, who have adored him since they were young.
  • Elathera Clearwater - Former traveling companions and good friends. Samuel respects Elathera's compassionate nature and her noble outlook on life.
  • Rikius Falenmir - Rikius was once Samuel's superior, leading the unit they both served in during their time in the Teme-Rasadan military. They both took issue with the other on a personal level, and were known not to get along. Despite this, they each recognized the other's professional capabilities, and despite the low-level hostility between the pair, they didn't let it get in the way of their work. Now Kina's husband, the two still keep their distance for the most part, but they have moved passed their hard feelings and neither speaks ill of the other.
  • Family Ties

  • Vanessi Len - Samuel's mother. Growing up, the pair were distant as Vanessi struggled deeply with the violent origin of her son's conception. She performed her duties as a mother and took care in raising Samuel, but the emotional distance and lack of love didn't go unnoticed.
  • After leaving home at age 13, Samuel didn't see Vanessi again for over a decade. When they did reunite, they had a heart-to-heart during which she explained herself and expressed regret for their nonexistent relationship. In time, Samuel came to forgive his mother, and the two built have since built their relationship anew, coming to care deeply for each other.  
  • Xaren Myrin'ta - Samuel's husband. They met in the Caelsimilan military, and the two quickly bonded over their shared traits of alienation. Their relationship was slow to start, but their love for each other is deep.
  • Mizri Myrin'ta - Samuel and Xaren's adopted daughter. Like Xaren, she is a drow. She was adopted some time after Velevana's defeat, during which many drow migrated from their old cities to new locales - including the surface.
  • Alberto Aldana - Samuel's former stepdad, he divorced his mother sometime after Samuel left home. Alberto was a kind, hardworking man who was quick to accept Samuel's role in his life. Samuel has not talked to him since he was 13.
  • Emilia Aldana and Isaac Aldana - Samuel's half-siblings who he hasn't seen since their infancy. Despite the short time he knew them, he loves them deeply, and wishes to reunite with both, along with their father.
  • Social Aptitude

    Introverted and slow to trust, he usually keeps to himself when he can help it. Generally kind, he can nonetheless come off as awkward to strangers, and he's easily embarrassed. When frustrated, he can be gruff and insensitive, and adopts a bitinly sarcastic attitude.
    Other Ethnicities/Cultures
    Circumstances of Birth
    Conceived from sexual violence
    Cantori, Bodegai, Teme-Rasadar
    Current Residence
    Brown-red, kinky and dreaded; usually pulled back into a short pony tail
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Other Affiliations
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