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Rudy Thaddeus

General Rudy Markos Thaddeus

Rudy Thaddeus is a general for the Caelsimilan Military. He was the former direct supervisor for the Beautiful Girl Squad, and is currently stationed in Florence. He took over the position after the death of his brother, Rick Thaddeus.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rudy Thaddeus grew up in Caelsimil along his older brother and his younger (twin) sister, Rae Thaddeus After his brother joined the military, Rudy shortly followed after. Having married and in need of a stable career, he was drawn in by the job security and charmed by the stories that Rick recanted. Upon his admission, he quickly proved himself to be a bright and capable individual.     Rudy began and spent the majority of his military career in Civic Affairs, eventually earning the title of Advanced Civic Affairs Provincial III. He expressed interest in relocation to Florence, and after his brother's death he was offered a position as the city's General. He readily agreed and moved to the city along with his wife, Mira Thaddeus. The couple also offered temporary residence to Rae, who had inherited their older brother's home and wanted to transform it into a hair salon.


As a child and throughout much of adolescence, Rudy was formally educated in reading, writing, rhetoric, and public speech.
Circumstances of Birth
Medically anomoly, magically assisted

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