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Rick Thaddeus

General Richard Hector Thaddeus

Rick Thaddeus was a general for the Caelsimilan Military. He worked in Florence before his assassination at the hands of Rikius Falenmir. He was the direct supervisor of the Beautiful Girl Squad.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rick Thaddeus grew up in Caelsimil, along with his brother and sister. Half-dwarves, the three are considered anomolies, and their parents sought expensive magical assistance to ensure each of their births. Even so, all three siblings were at great risk of an early death, but all somehow managed to defy the odds.   Rick joined the military shortly after reaching adulthood. Hard-working and good-humored, he quickly rose to the rank of general. He was followed into the career by his younger brother, Rudy Thaddeus.   He was assigned to the outpost in Florence, where he met Sharon. The two shared a brief romance that eventually came to a mutual end as they prioritized their careers. Eventually, Sharon came to work with Thaddeus directly, acting as his assistant.   During the Crusade, Thaddeus was believed to have tortured Rikius Falenmir, then-aligned with Teme-Rasadar, and therefore considered an enemy. Despite cooperation with the Caelsimilian military after his capture, he came back and assassinated Thaddeus in his own office, in front of Sharon.   The party investigated further and after speaking with their former leader's spirit a different story became clear to them: both Rick Thaddeus and Rikius himself had both been under the mental influence of Sharon, who staged the torture and the assassination in an apparent bid for power. She was publicly executed, and Thaddeus's good name was cleared.


Family Ties

  • Rudy Thaddeus - Rick's younger brother and his successor as assigned General of Florence.
  • Rae Thaddeus - Rick's younger sister.
  • Alignment
    Neutral Good
    Circumstances of Birth
    Magically - assisted birth; medical anomoly
    Circumstances of Death
    Assassinated; shot with arrow
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    "Workin' hard or hardly workin'?"

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