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Mental characteristics

Personal history

Paxton is a nervous doppelganger from Blackwater, a swamp in Caelsimil. He's not certain why or who created him and he doesn't even know his true name, if he has one that is. All he knows for certain is that he was kept as a slave for years and he worked very hard on trying to develop his humanoid appearance. After escaping his captors, he was found by the leader of a cult. It was a cult of Vecna and Paxton was absolutely clueless. He became fast friends with Ezra, an elf with a bad temper, and avoided everyone else as his appearance unnerved the other cultists. No matter where he went, he was a black sheep. While he could change his appearance to anything he liked, he wanted people to accept him for what he was and not who he could be.   He had never left Blackwater until he met Rikius Falenmir and Zakina Kociak-Falenmir. Always curious about the world outside of the magical swamp full undead that he called home, the couple were his way out. Once their group's tasks were finished in Blackwater, they brought him back to Florence. He spent his first week holed up in their basement, only coming out to grab books and food. This world was entirely new to him and all the hustle and bustle of a busy city frightened him. He fled back to Blackwater, only to return a week later because his curiosity was overwhelming. Each time he came to visit the couple, he'd venture a little further out from their home.   After a few years of this routine, he finally felt confident enough to roam the streets freely, usually under the disguise of an androgynous drow. Soon, he was traveling outside of the city to explore its surroundings. While he was still an anxiety riddled mess, he was enjoying his newfound freedom. When he came back from his adventures, he brought souvenirs and new knowledge with him, always excited to share it with anyone who was willing to listen. If he's not out on the roads wearing someone else's face, he's usually nestled in his private space in the couple's basement.   He was taught magic by the leader of the cult, so he's skilled with necromancy and abjuration magic. His familiar is a scarlet tarantula named Rosie.

Gender Identity




Personality Characteristics


Paxton is still learning about the world around him and as such, he doesn't have any real motive to doing the things he does. It's mostly curiosity and an eagerness to learn everything that he possibly can. His morals shift with whoever he's with because he's a follower, not a leader.
True Neutral
Date of Birth
September 15th
Circumstances of Birth
A strange, magical ritual.
Blackwater, Caelsimil
Current Residence
Wherever the wind takes him.
Large and amber with a dim glow.
Shoulder length, messy, and black with a single white stripe.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale gray.
56 lbs

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